Interior Alignment® License Agreement

Thank you and congratulations for becoming an OFFICIAL Interior Alignment® practitioner. To begin to receive all the benefits of being an official practitioner you need to indicate your agreement to the Interior Alignment® Practitioner License.

If you have just started your IA journey as a student, we ask that you read and sign the license agreement prior to beginning your certification program so that you understand our Ethics and license conditions. You can read more about the license agreemetn on our FAQ page

And, if you trained with Denise prior to the online license agreements, we ask that you resign here  as a  Practitioner of Interior Alignment® (CPIA, CPFS, CPSC, AIA, MTIA, TAIA or MEIA),or an Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner (ESC),  using the online form below. 

If there is any information on your current membership that you wish to update, you make also re-complete the form below, so that we can update our database and records.


Read the license agreements for those with Instinctive Feng Shui™, Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™, Advanced Interior Alignment® and/or Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ certifications

ESC License

Read the license agreement for those with Elemental Space Clearing Certification

MTIA License

Read the license agreement for those with Master Teacher of Interior Alignment certifications


Read the special agreement For MTIA who are applying to teach CPFS online

MEIA License

Read the license agreement for those with Master Educator of  Interior Alignment certification

TAIA License

Read the license agreement for those with Teacher of Advanced Interior Alignment certifications

Use the online form to complete your license agreement. you will need to scroll down on the form to get to the submit button at the bottom. Thank you!