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While we make announcements on our yahoo e-group and on our Facebook private group, you can check here for important events and developments in the IA world!

Updates to the IA website – We have a Blog!

Interior Alignment News!

Have you checked out our website lately? We have a new addition… a blog with articles from our Shining Stars!  If you have not checked it out lately, there will be more and more content added, to enrich your knowledge ( because who doesn’t love to learn more) and also attract a following for feng shui enthusiasts… who want OUR Interior Alignment services!

We will be sharing the blog posts on our Facebook Fan Page as well, along with our Featured Shining Stars, and other things like beautiful image cards that you can share on your social media to create more information about what you do in the world.

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If you are a Shining Star member, send me your blog articles, or articles you have written to be a part of the IA blog ( an featured in an upcoming newsletter). Also, if you have created Facebook live videos about feng shui and space clearing, or image cards with information or inspiration, send those links as well. We will be promoting you even more in social media by cross posting those items about feng shui and space clearing. These posts should be from your business page, and will help increase the visibility of your page.

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In Interior Alignment(r), we are fortunate to have learned a unique skill to help our clients– the Synchro-Alignment™. It’s an amazing way for clients to listen to their own inner voice and get greater clarity on why they have the intuitive nudges to make changes in their homes.

Synchro-Alignments can give your clients beautiful “aha” moments, gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and what they want from their space. It also gives us as consultants another layer of insight to incorporate into our recommendations for our clients.

That said, when first doing a Synchro-Alignment, if you haven’t done much of this before, you may feel anxious or unsure for how best to proceed and even where to start. And if you’ve been doing these for years, you may feel like your Synchro-Alignments are all feeling the same.

If you’re one of these people, or just want to learn more about Synchro Alignment, MTIA Bill Schwingel will be sharing about his experience using Synchro-Alignments to help his clients and large groups better connect with their own inner guidance. He’ll share the techniques he has found especially effective and ways in which he’s been able to use this insight to help his clients.

Bio: Bill Schwingel is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment and has been studying energetic and shamanic work for nearly 20 years. Based outside of Chicago, he has been able to incorporate his IA teachings into his corporate life as an executive for leading global marketing firms, including performing clearings, offering feng shui classes and leading relaxation sessions within the business environment. You can learn more by following him on Facebook, Instagram (@fengshui24) or twitter (@fengshui24) or check out his website at