The Linn Academy Shining Star Application

One mission of the Linn Academy is to assist those graduates actively seeking clients to shine their light out into the world, to protect our trademark and create a community of sharing and mutual support who are graduates of our programs.

SHINING STAR MEMBERSHIP give you a larger presence in your certification website and on the Linn Academy website by showing your photo and bio information for the certification level you purchase a Shining Star membership for. Membership fee is  $120 per year. Or save and use the subscription button and pay only $100 per year, and you can of course cancel anytime..

If you hold multiple certification, it could be more economical for you to be  a Spotlight membership at $225 a year, or $200 with a subscription. You don’t need to have multiple certifications to be a Spotlight member, and Spotlight members have there own page on the website, which allows people to find them easily. Spotlight members have all the perks of Shining Stars.

Shining Star members will be featured on our social media, and  priority speakers for our various teleconferences and other events. And Shining Star members may also submit information about the workshops or events that are holding in  the certification they hold.

ACTIVE Teachers and Trainers: Those who are active teachers/trainers offering certification programs will need to still maintain their Active Teacher membership level to submit certification programs for approval and posting. As with all membership levels, this one also requires that the Shining Star member be in good standing with the Linn Academy, as a shining representation of our ethics and codes. Membership is a privilege, not a right.

Step one: Complete the form below agreeing to the code of ethics and affirming your agreement to your license agreement(s), and permission to be listed online.

Code of Ethics for all Linn Academy Graduates

As a condition of being listed online as a licensed graduate of our system, I agree to the following code of ethics.

I will act with integrity towards clients and the Linn Academy Practice materials will be maintained at all times;

I will maintain an ethical, compassionate and professional relationship with clients and peers,

  I will practice the embodiment of The Linn Academy principals of generosity of spirit within the The Linn Academy  community and participation in events, and in all client interactions.

  I will honor that the educational materials from my certification are trademarked processes and materials, and honor that this is copyright protected. I promised to used this trademarked material as outline in my license agreement

  I will treat each individual with a depth of kindness and compassion. 

• I will support and cheer on the accomplishments of other Linn Academy graduates

  I will value diversity and respect the individual truth of each soul.

  I will agree to all the terms and conditions in the current license agreement for my certification and level.


The Next Step to become a SHINING STAR member:

  • Once you have complete the form above, You will be contacted with confirmation of your approval
  • Prepare your bio. It can be as long as you wish, however, we recommend less than 700 words. You may also include a separate section with testimonials.
  • Find and send your head shot photo. Photos should be sized to 300px W X 350px H. People want to connect with your face, so please make sure that your eyes are clearly visible, and as if you were looking at your potential client!
  • Create a list of all your contact and marketing information. This can include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.
  • Paypal invoice can be sent for $120 for one year (or use the link below)
  • Send your bio, contact info and photo to


Spotlight Member!

Do you hold more than one certification in the Linn Academy, and want to be a Shining Star in each? Then Spotlight Membership is for you!

Yearly Shining Star Payment

at $120  a year.

Or choose the Subscription Renewal option to the right to auto renew yearly at $100

Shining Star Subscription

at $100 / year

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Active Trainer/Teacher

at $100 / year

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