Clutter clearing

is so much more than cleaning or organizing; it is the alchemy of life. It can help you heal, and it can empower you in many wonderful ways.

The Linn Method of Clutter Clearing  is a life-coaching program that uses clutter clearing as the magical catalyst for life-changing results. It is a program about understanding the energy in your home  and how it interacts with your energy and ultimately with your life. Using profound visualizations, or inner journeys, that tap into the wisdom of your soul, Your Certified Clutter Coach will assist you to  be able to find the emotional roots of your clutter . . . and ultimately clear them at their source, which means your clutter won’t reappear.

Certified Cluttter Coach

The Ultimate Journey in releasing clutter


While many clutter-clearing programs focus on pretty organizational tools, the powerful method in this program—which Denise Linn has taught for nearly 50 years—allows you to discover what your individual clutter truly represents and helps you let go of inner blockages.

For example, if you find that your clutter represents your fear of not having enough (or even not being enough), you will learn how to step beyond that fear and confidently believe that you have enough and are enough. It will help you gain the faith and assurance that all is well so you can move past that blockage.

Working with Linn Method Certified Clutter Coach will keep you motivated to understanding your clutter, and releasing it in a way that is empowering. It will be more that just cleaning up your items, or trying to organize what you have. You will learn to surround yourself with what you love and what empowers you. You will learn how to release patterns in your life, and be able to release objects that represent those patterns.

Our Certified Linn Method Clutter Coaches are trained to work with you in a number of ways, both in person in your home, and also virtually. We offer single session services to assist you in discovering clues to your keeping, and also 4 days or several week long programs that keep you on task with your clutter clearing work

Are you passionate about helping people and love the feeling of a clutter free and uplifting space?

You might have what it takes to become a Linn Method Clutter Clearing Coach!

The result of doing this work is not just a more organized and clean home, but a sense of having room to breathe, the ability to move more freely through each day, and the feeling of being more vibrant and empowered in every area of your life.  This certification program takes you first thorough working in your own home.  No matter how organized (or disorganized)  your home is, you might discover what is there that is affect you and your life.

And when you begin to work with clients and walk them through clutter clearing, they too will develop the ability to negotiate changes and blockages in their own lives and start to see their dreams, desires, and futures more clearly and vibrantly.

In the first part of the course your will discover:

  • The deeper spiritual significance of clutter and how clutter clearing is a kind of modern-day alchemy that can catapult you on your spiritual path
  • What clutter is (physical, mental, and emotional) and what it represents
  • The underlying reasons you have clutter—and what makes it so hard to let go of
  • How clutter creates blockages in your life and impedes your progress toward the life you desire
  • How clearing clutter can profoundly transform not only your home, but also your relationships and your life
  • What makes the Linn Method radically different from other clutter-clearing programs
  • How to clutter clear your own home, room by room, and your own life

In the second part of the course, you will learn:

  • Practical information on how to take other people through the process
  • A step-by-step method to discover your clients’ true blockages and what exact clutter is affecting those areas
  • The “magic questions” to unearth what is beneath specific clutter in someone’s home
  • How to turn your client into a raving fan for life

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Denise Linn

is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development. She’s the is the author of the book ‘Feng Shui for the Soul’ and ‘Sacred Space’, and has created numerous programs around home and heart. She created the Linn Method certification of Clutter Clearing Coaches to create practitioners who understand who we are connected to the things we keep, and that simply finding a better method of storing things is not the solution.

If you are really ready to understand and release your clutter our practitioner will walk with your through clutter clearing, and develop the ability to negotiate changes and blockages in your life and start to see your dreams, desires, and future more clearly and vibrantly.