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Congratulations on your graduation in one of our honorable certification programs! The information below can help you in stepping into your professional role, as an amazing light working on our needful planet!

Welcome Linn Academy Graduate!

Welcome to this esteemed community of graduates and professionals. This community is one based on kindness and cheering on each others successes. While each certification has it’s own internal group on Facebook for connection, we also have a large tribe of connecting with our Linn Academy Facebook group. If you wish to be a part of this group you can use the button below to request entry.

This online community is lead by Bill Schwingel, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, and Linn Academy Council member. There are people there from all of our certification’s levels, with inspiration and sharing in an ongoing basis. There are opportunities for marketing your services to others in the group, and also a place to ask for prayers and healing.  it’s a great place to be with wonderful like minded folks!

My Peers and Classmates

If it’s been a while since you have connected with your classmates, you can still connect with grads and classes in our new webpages and facebook private groups. We used to use yahoo e-groups for connection, but that method has been replaced now with using Facebook private groups. For some certification programs there are also other goodies on the specific private websites.

Finding my Clan

Each certification group has their own special online group and homepage of resources for your certification. Here’s the link to those places. Each will required a password to enter. If you cannot remember the password, contact your teacher or reference the materials in your Hay House account for the password.



Stay Connected through Email!

Want to know when there are special events or announcements for Linn Academy grads only? Sign up for this special newsletter list! We DO NOT automatically add graduates to this list, out of respect to your inbox.

Being Listed on our Websites

We know you are proud of your certification and we want to see your dreams of doing this work come true! People who have follow Denise Linn, find their way to our website(s) through her referral in books, on her website and in various social media and events that she does. Being on the website for your certification validates your credentials.

To receive a FREE one line listing, you must have graduated, and signed the license agreement for your certification and level, and agree to abide to all the terms and conditions. Your license agreement might have already asked if you want to be listed on the website. If you need to submit or update your listing you can do that here, and give permission to be listed on the website. We do not automatically list people who are certified for privacy reasons. Also, if you attend higher levels of certification, please resign the agreement to indicate your new certification level, and also update any contact information.

If, for any reason we find that you are not upholding the ethics and standard of our community, we reserve the right to not list you on our pages, and we may also remove you from our community.

Become a Shining Star or Spotlight Member

If you are actively seeking clients for the work you do as a Linn Academy graduate, it could be well worth your investment to be listed on our sites as a Shining Star or Spotlight member. Both of these have the photo, full contact information options (such as social media outlets, website, and more) and a full unlimited length bio and even where you can list testimonials. You are are given first options for writing for our Newsletter and our blog, which reaches thousands monthly. And you can promote your certification-related events on our events page.  Both of these membership levels are a privilege, in that we expect our Shining Stars and Spotlight members to be exemplary members of our community, modeling  our code of ethics both in our community and in their interactions in the world.

The difference between Shining Star and Spotlight member is that for those people who have multiple certifications, and offer services in all of them, it could be a better economical investment to have the Spotlight membership, and show as a Shining Star in all your certification programs. Spotlight members also have their listing appear on the Spotlight membership page and so even if you have only one certification, it really allows you to step into the spotlight.

Shining Star Membership

Shining Star membership is $120 for the first year, and then $100 renewal on additional years. Every year for renewal, we will ask you to reaffirm your license agreement and review your details to be listed for accuracy.

Apply for Shining Star Membership

Spotlight Member

 If you hold multiple certifications, and are actively offering services in theses, you might also consider having a Spotlight membership. This membership for $225 a year lists you as a Shining Star in all the certifications you hold and are active in. And you have all the marketing opportunities as a Shining Star in each of those.  You might also wish to be a Spotlight member even if you have one certification’s,but wish to be listed in the Spotlight member section on this website.  Denise sends people to this website to find practitioners, and the Spotlight practitioners, appear first!

Click here to apply for Spotlight Membership

To find out more about becoming a Shining Star or Spotlight practitioner, please contact LuAnn Cibik, Linn Academy Council Admininstrator, who can guide you through the process!

Heart-centered Business Insurance

Professional Insurance and DISCOUNT for Linn Academy members 

We are pleased to have secured a discounted professional insurance for our practitioners, that covers over 500 modalities so most likely will cover all the cool things you do. This insurance is for our USA practitioners.It covers everything from coaching to feng shui, space clearing and oracle card reader (and much more). The rates are also based on the amount of work you do ( student, part time or full time)

Our group code is: ABS-EN-186

This code must be entered on the application under SPONSOR CODE in order to get the discounted price.

You can also share this discount opportunity with friends in energy work fields.

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