Dreams are secret messages from your soul,

as well as from the realm of spirit. They can be your greatest tool for profoundly understanding your life, yet few people recognize how to access this tremendous source of guidance and wisdom.

Best-selling author Denise Linn created this Gateway Dreaming™ process, based on her native heritage and her knowledge of diverse cultures to share little-known information about the world of dreams. Practitioners trained in her Gateway Dreaming system, help their clients to utilize their nocturnal travels for spiritual transformation.

By working with a Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioner, you can uncover the power of dreams, enable you to remember your dreams and recognize their meaning, to hear personal messages from the spirit realm, develop the skill of astral projection, heal yourself and your loved ones, meet your guides and angels, explore past lives, and learn how to have prophetic dreams.



Gateway Dreaming

A Coaching Process to Reveal the Realm of Dreams

In ancient times,

the survival of the tribe or clan often depended upon the dreamers who could journey through the  Dream Gates of Perception to bring back wisdom that would ensure the survival of the people…… In those ancient times, dreamers gained valuable insights during the night hours that helped their people survive and thrive the physical hardships of life.

Your dreams are delivering messages to help you to:

  • make decisions,
  • find solutions to problems
  • connect with loved ones
  • uncover secrets about your health
  • astral travel
  • connect with loved ones far away
  • work through repetitive bad dreams

Times have changed,

and most of the challenges that face us today aren’t about physical survival, but they are in regard to our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Your dreams do more than entertain you while sleeping.

You spend 1/3 of your life in the land of  D R E A M S

Why Work With your Dreams?

Remembering your dreams can be the first step to unlocking the secrets a hidden realm of insight, intuition and wisdom. Sometimes you first need to get a good nights sleep in order to have and then remember dreams. Out practitioners can teach you how to :

  • setup your bedroom feng shui for a good nights sleep
  • ways to encourage sleep with foods, essential oils, crystals and more
  • how to safeguard your dreamtime from outside energy
  • processes for remembering your dreams
  • ways to interpret your dreams
  • processes to create your own dream dictionary
  • how to astral travel
  • learn how to do lucid dreaming
  • how to deal with nightmares
  • and much more



Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioners  have been trained to assist you to:

  • Remember your dreams

  • Interpret YOUR dreams

  • Control your dreams through lucid dreaming

  • Become an astral traveler

  • Nighttime healer

  • and so much more!

Why use a Gateway Dream Coach Practitioner?

Gateway Dreaming Practitioners have a wealth of knowledge, background, training and tools to launch you on the path to using your dreams in deep and profound ways. They are trained to coach you into having great sleep, and how to program and work with your dreams. While they can assisting you in understanding your dreams, they show you how to woirk with your dreams at a deeper level,

With ideas on ways you can have better sleep through the items and symbolism you place in your bedroom, to what you eat before sleeping, to programming yourself for dreams to assist you in waking life, a Gateway Dreaming Practitioner & Coach is your ally in this venture to the land of dreams!

Practitioners offer private sessions as well as group classes.

Gateway Dreaming coaches assist people in person, in groups,

and via distance coaching on the internet and phone.


Founder: Denise Linn is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development. She’s the author of the bestseller ‘The Hidden Power of Dreams’ and has worked with clients an practitioners worldwide to unlock the mysteries of the dream world.  Practitioners are trained in much more than dream interpretation. Techniques to honor the gift of dreamtime, feng shui for dreams, space clearing in the bedroom, creation of a dream altar, inviting your dream guardian, programming your dreamtime, methods to remember dreams, and special methods for connecting with departed loved one, astral travel, lucid dreaming and much more.