Teleconferences for The Linn Academy grads

We have been holding teleconferences for our graduates. You may also have access to specific teleconferences within your specialty (that will be announced within your email groups or Facebook groups), that deepen or expand about the topics in your specific certification.

The Video conferences listed here are for all Linn Academy grads, to enhance you work as Light workers in the world!

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Previous Teleconferences

Oct  2018,:Elevate Your Energy, Mood & Mindset to make an even greater positive impact in the world.”

Research has shown that resilience is “the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy” The Resilience Factor, Shatt, 2008

The more elevated you feel as a Soul Coach in your ability to deliver transformational experiences, the more effortless the flow of magnetic abundance with clients is going to BE.

In this experiential journey Kyla will work with you to provide the keys to waking up happy, full of energy and ready to make your greatest positive impact in the world daily. Discussing practical ways to elevate your resilience, self-care rituals, and mindset. She will ensure you walk away ready to not only walk your talk, but talk your walk. Supporting you to become the greatest, most creatively successful Soul Coach you can be as we review practical ways to reduce the impact of excess stress, energy sensitivity and burnout.

Bio: Kyla Tustin , is a Soul Coaching Master Practitioner and Trainer and has worked for years inspiring and motivating people! Learn more at

Sept 27 2018,10 am ET: “Clutter Clearing for the Energy worker”

Join LuAnn Cibik and Dorena Kohrs  to learn more about the topic of clutter clearing and professional organizing; Dorena, a former professional organizer talks about the difference of our programs verses the services of a professional organizer. She can help us all see our space through a different lens,  and of how it would help you the  practitioner in your own space for your own business. Even ‘us experts’  working in this field sometime need a checkup on our space.

Host for today’s show is LuAnn Cibik, The Linn Academy Administrator, Master Educator of Interior Alignment, and Soul CoachingTrainer. You can connect more with LuAnn at .

Dorena Kohrs of Space Doula, is an Interior Alignment Practitioner, Linn Method Clutter Clearing Practitioner and has worked for years helping people organizing and declutter their homes.  She is a new Spotlight member of The Linn Academy. You can find out more at Space Doula.

Aug 28 2018: “Essential Oils and Your Practice”

Join LuAnn Cibik and Alishia Alibhai to learn about the many benefits of using essential oils (nature’s living energy) in your daily life and work!

Understand the power of essential oils and how they can be used with clients in a variety of ways including space clearing, grounding, energy work, chakra balancing, past life, soul journeys, emotional healing and so much more! We’ll chat about some of the popular essential oils and we’ll discuss how you can use them to shift, heal, and transform!

Host for today’s show is LuAnn CIbik, The Linn Academy Administrator and Master Educator of Interior Alignment, and Soul CoachingTrainer. You can connect more with LuAnn at .

Alishia M. Alibhai, Ph.D. (Psychology), Reiki Master/Teacher, Soul Coaching® Trainer, Soul Coaching® Practitioner, Past Life Coach, Essential Oil Educator is our Guest speaker for this powerful and important lecture for The Linn Academy. You can find out more at

Learn about:

  1. What are essential oils?
  2. How are they made? (Importance of Quality)
  3. What are the most common ways to use them? (aromatic & topical)
  4. Are there any precautions we should take when using oils?
  5. What are some common things we can use oils for in our daily lives? (cough/cold, joint muscle pain, cleaning, etc.)
  6. How can we use oils with clients? (grounding, space clearing, energy work, chakra balancing, accessing past lives)

Feb 13 2018: “What’s new and important to know in marketing on the Internet and social media?”

What a great presentation from both Laura Clark  and Kelly Chamchuk!

Oct 2, 2017

Terry Bowen to share about the Secret Messages from the Home, and Felicia D’Haiti to give some tips on creating and teaching Engaging workshop! Both of these gifted beings are sharing their expertise in these areas, and I’m excited to learn from them too!

Aug 23, 2017

Join Patti Allen, Vaness Velequez and Anni Kemp to learn secrets of ways to powerful work with your clients and create the offerings for your clients that resonate with you align with your life.

Practitioner Conferences

Interior Alignment has held numerous conference for both practitioners and the public since 2007, base in the Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo areas of California USA.

In 2017 we held the first  Linn Academy Practitioner Conference in Orlando Florida with a specific conference day devoted to deepening your work and your practice. This was a part of the ‘Home for the Soul’  conference that spotlighted the work of Interior Alignment, Elemental Space Clearing and Soul Coaching Practitioners.

In 2019 the conference was open to all Linn Academy graduates , students and the public and was held in Sacramento CA. It’s was called the Ancient Secrets conference and was well atnned by people from all over the world. It featured speakers from all the different certification programs, in 15 minutes targeted talks that were uplifting and inspiring. 

Future conferences will likely include all Linn Academy speakers and topics. Spotlight and Featured Shining Star  members have deeply discounted admission for these events, and are given preference as our conference speakers.