Spotlight Members of The Linn Academy

As someone who has trained in multiple modalities, yet all within the gracious heart-centered and client-centered approach to working with energy of the home, heart and spirit, Spotlight members are recognized for their cross training and multiple services with the following benefits:

  • Shining Star status and benefits for every certification that they hold. This means website presence and all the social media marketing that is done for Shining Star members. While the specific Shining Star benefits are different for each certification program, Spotlight members have access to everything possible to shine their light! This can be a significant saving for those who have multiple certifications.
  • Spotlight members are featured on this website, and on our social media fan page.  Your events related to your certification can be listed on our Facebook events page, and that will also appear on the events listing on The Linn Academy website.
  • You will have the opportunity to market your services, courses and other goodies internally to the Linn Academy members, through a seasonal newsletter sent to all those who register as Linn Academy grads.
  • You will also have the ability to be one of our teleconference experts and share tips and information with our Linn Academy grads, and also market your services, events or products as a part of that.
  • You will have a profile page on this website as a Spotlight member!






The purpose of the Linn Academy is to help those graduates actively seeking clients to shine their light out into the world, to protect our trademark and create a community of sharing and mutual support who are graduates of our programs.

SPOTLIGHT MEMBERSHIP is a step above Shining Stars; in that they hold multiple certification or just want to have a more upfront presence in the Linn Academy as they are full time professionals in their offerings.  A Spotlight members are listed as SHINING STAR member (with marketing and other benefits) in every program that they are certified in. They are also listed and featured on this website as a spotlight Practitioner and on our Facebook Fan page for The Linn Academy. We also will have these members be priority speakers for our various teleconferences and other events. And Spotlight members may also submit information about the workshop or events that are holding in any of the certification they hold. ( Those who offer certification programs will need to still maintain their Active Teacher membership level to submit certification programs for approval and posting)

As with all membership levels, this one also requires that the Spotlight member be in good standing with the Linn Academy, as a shining representation of our ethics and codes.