Interior Alignment® Trademark and Marketing!

Trademarking and Marketing… it’s great stuff, but a bit confusing!  We WANT you to use the term Interior Alignment(R) to promote your IA related work… it makes out name grow in the world, and create that identity of our feng shui and space clearing services… and how they are different and powerful

And it can be confusing on exactly how you can use the trademarked name and logo, and not in inadvertently make something that could cause us to LOSE our trademark (which is possible). The following has a LOT of ‘DO NOT’ phrases… and that is just to help you know what is not going to be helpful to all of us in keeping our trademark

For  details on how to use (and not use) our trademarks and logos, please download and read our Trademark Guidelines!

IA Trademark Usage Handbook


Here’s an excerpt from the book with some of the commonly asked situations:

Do not use the logo or wording or our tagline with any product or other service your may be marketing. For example, if you make space clearing spray, you may not place the logo or wording on the product, or market this product as associated with the words Interior Alignment® or Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™.
For example, the following are NOT ways you can use the name:
o Suzy Smith’s Interior Alignment®
o Celebrate the Four Seasons Interior Alignment® workshop
o Sara Jane’s School of Interior Alignment®
o European Branch of Interior Alignment®
o Interior Alignment® Crystals
Do not  market yourself as the only IA representative in an area, or place a number of others the area (such as ‘one of only three IA practitioners in the upper Mongolia area’). New people are being certified every day and people move a ll the time, so keeping your marketing truthful would become impossible.
Do not use the wording with any marketing on the internet, other than in conjunction specifically with your authorized Interior Alignment® services. For example, if you also do angel reading, or chakra clearing, you may not create aservice or a keyword search of Interior Alignment® Angel Reading or Instinctive Feng Shui™ chakra clearing.
Do not use the wording Interior Alignment®, Instinctive Feng Shui™, Synchro-alignment , or Seven Star Blessing™Space Clearing in any domain name.
Do not use the words Interior Alignment® in conjunction with your Feng Shui or space clearing services if you are using a majority of methodology from another school of Feng Shui. For example, if you have also studied Flying Stars or Nine Ki and use this as the
majority of your service and recommendations, do not call this an Interior Alignment® Feng Shui consultation.
Do not use the wording Interior Alignment®, Instinctive Feng Shui™, Synchro-alignment™, or Seven Star Blessing™Space Clearing in the name of any workshop/certification course you are conducting as a practitioner. These words can only be used in conjunction by authorized Master Teachers when teaching an approved certification course.
Additional text should not be incorporated into the existing logo. Simply imagine a circle running around the logo/logotype and remember that nothing should go inside of that circle.

In case you want to know a bit more about how to use the trademarked name , and also how not to… here’s a list from the internet:

“Whether or not you decide to register your mark, the proper use of your trademark is crucial to preserving your current and future rights. A few simple rules should always be followed when using trademarks:

  1. DO use your trademark directly on the subject goods, or on the container or packaging in which the goods are sold. Use of a trademark in advertising, but not on a product or packaging is not sufficient to preserve your trademark rights. In contrast, use of a service trademark in advertising or signs offering the subject services is adequate use to establish or maintain service trademark rights.
  2. DO use all capitals, italics, different fonts or colors, or at least initial caps to distinguish a trademark from other text in advertising material. You can also underscore the fact that you are claiming trademark or service trademark rights by placing a small “TM” or “®” notation following the mark. Example; Arvic”®”
  3. DO use the “®” notation wherever you use a federally registered trademark.
  4. DO NOT use the “®” notation on any trademark that is not federally registered.
  5. DO NOT use a trademark as a noun. Always use a trademark as an adjective followed by a noun. For example, KLEENEX tissue.
  6. DO NOT use a trademark in a possessive form, unless the trademark itself is possessive. For example, JOHNSON’S baby oil.
  7. DO NOT pluralize a trademark. Instead, the common noun should be pluralized. For example, two SCHWINN bicycles rather than two SCHWINNS.
  8. DO NOT use trademarks as verbs. Xerox, for example, runs ads pointing out that even Xerox can’t xerox, it can only photocopy.

You can download the following Logos for your use

Advanced AIA Practitioner logo

CPIA Practitioner logo

IA Master Teacher Logo

Marketing Your Services!

In the past, brochures and business cards (in addition to word of mouth) were stellar ways to market. Now,  social media, websites, and variuos ways to use technology are becoming more important in establishing your credibility and marketing your services.

As an IA graduate, you are a member of The Linn Academy, we offer you ways to promote yourself online on the website and our associated social media with a Shining Star membership level. This is $120 for the first year, and give you a space with your photo, bio and all the contact and social media links you want to share. Contact us at to find out more!

We are proud of what you do… And when you have articles in newspapers, magazine, tv spots, etc, we want to brag about you! Send us links to where you appear in media, and we will spread the word and cheer! Send this to!