Becoming an Interior Alignment® Master Teacher!

Creating new Master Teachers is a sacred process to insure the continuity of Interior Alignment®.

Master Teacher level certification is a ‘graduate school’ type of process, where candidates who wish to the Master Teachers apply for the class. We are delighted that you are interested in this sacred journey.

In order to insure that you are at the right phase of your training and life for this role as teacher, we have the following requirements:

  • You must be a licensed CPIA, and AIA (one does not need to have MWFS to be an MTIA, at this time)
  • You must be willing to sign teacher agreement upon acceptance into teacher program
  • Must have experience as a Certified Practitioner Interior Alignment® defined as:
    • Minimum 1 year experience as CPIA/AIA
    • Experience as  includes 50 Interior Alignment type consultations that offer the services of feng shui, space clearing and synchro-alignment. While we understand that not every consultation will include all services, we are looking for candidates to have 50 consultations that include a minimum combination of the various services.
      •            15 feng shui consultations
      •            15 space clearing consultations
      •            15 synchro-alignment consultations
  • Reference from atleast one Master Teacher highlighting why this candidate will be a remarkable  Master Teacher of Interior Alignment.
  • 5 client testimonials that highlighting quality of services rendered, knowledge, graciousness and client centered approach.


Are you ready for this next step?

When you are ready, Complete the application box below. Have your Master Teacher and 5 clients email their recommendations/testimonials to .

Applications and all references will be sent to the Foundation Council, reviewed for completeness these will be processed by MTIA Review Committee.  Once the candidate is approved, the review committee will notify both the applicant and their chosen Master Educator that they have been approved for training. This process may take a bit of time, so please plan your training schedule accordingly. Once approved, the Master Teacher Applicant and Master Educator may complete their plans for training.

The Training Process:

Due to the exclusive number of Master Teachers trained in a year, this training is done privately, as arranged between the student and the Master Educator. However, there may be opportunities for you to train with a Master Educator and assist in teaching a course.

The onsite version of this training is ALL ONSITE (no e-course component), and is a minimum of 6 days long. During this time, you will review the information in the red book, as well as learn the teaching techniques for each section.

You will learn more about managing classes and the situations that can occur when taking people through deep life changing processes. You will learn what the requirements (length of courses, formats, tuition amounts) are in teaching each course. Part of your course time will be demonstrating your teaching techniques in front of a class.

Another option that can potentially be used for training is an all online approach where the student shadows an all online CPFS class, along with additional live ZOOM classes with the master educator to review the teaching methods and rules around programs and courses. This method is approved on a case by case basis based on the applicants background.

The Tuition:

As this is one of the highest level of certification and the most in-depth course, the base tuition amount for MTIA training is $5000. This means that without meals or lodging, or any other training expenses, the student can expect to pay a minimum of this amount. When the Master Educator has additional expenses included in your instruction, such as lodging, meals, etc, the tuition will be and should be higher.

I hold both a CPIA and AIA certification level

Upon acceptance to the MTIA program, I am willing to sign the MTIA license agreement

I have 1 or more years experience in offering Interior Alignment Consultations

I have completed a minimum 50 IA sessions, comprised of a minimum of 15 space clearings, 15 feng shui consultations, and 15 synchro-alignments

I will supply 5 client testimonials about the quality of my IA work

6 + 8 =

Qualities of a Master Teacher

Master Teachers must embrace a passion for IA, this is who they are not just what they do.

Master Teachers must value IA knowledge and lineage (respect existing teachers and those who have gone before)

Master Teachers must uphold our code of ethics

When active in IA Yahoo E-group, messages or Facebook, they should represent the spirit of IA (compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding, etc.)

Master Teachers must possess a spirit of inclusion, not exclusion. And should speak from a place of acceptance, not judgment or competition (such as comparing self to others as though one is better than the other – when they define their abilities it should not be at the expense of another.)