Interior Alignment® Advanced Training

Continuing your education in Interior Alignment feng shui and space clearing increases the depth of your understanding of the energy all around us.

Advanced Interior Alignment, prior to 2006 was a review of the existing manual, with special more in-depth work with various sections of the manual based on the class and their needs or interested.

In 2009, Denise Linn and LuAnn Cibik developed a new curriculum for the Advanced program that introduced new materials and also an addition certification in Medicine Wheel Feng Shui.  This makes the Advanced training a DOUBLE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.

This new material goes more in-depth with working with the many layers of energy within a space, and offers the practitioner a more advanced method of working with clients.

The New Advanced IA certification includes:

  • Developing your Client Rapport Skills
  • A deep understanding of the Five Element System and it’s relationships to the bagua
  • Understanding the development of the Bagua through the movement of energy in the northern and southern hemisphere, and our use of the SH bagua
  • Using powerful energy protection techniques for space clearing
  • Using a Five Classification system to work with corporate or other clients that may not resonate with the words of ‘feng shui’
  • Subtle yet powerful ways to bring various elements and energy into a space through sound, scent, light and much more to invoke the power of the elements.
  • Review of the CPIA manual, allowing the students to ask deeper questions or review information there they want more clarification or depth in
  • And much more

The Medicine Wheel certification program uses the information from Denise’s best selling book Feng Shui for the Soul , and teaching you how to;

  • Help your client understand their elemental clan
  • The homes design style and architectural features that resonate with the different elemental clans
  • Learn to create medicine wheels, small and large for altars and in gardens and around homes.
  • How to use the medicine wheel for prayer and protection for your clients and their homes energy
  • How to work with the medicine wheel energy and adjust it with powerful yet simple adjustments to the centering of your clients home

Advanced Interior Alignment and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui

Double Certification Programs

This course is a 5 day all onsite in-person course ( there are no online study options). Pre-requisites for this course is holding both an CPFS and CPSC certification’s ( CPIA) for at least 6 months prior to the AIA course to insure the student has an understanding of the concepts and is ready to dive deeper.

The courses are scheduled on the IA event calendar, but can also be available to be taken privately with any active Teacher of Advanced IA(TAIA) , or Master Educator of IA (MTIA)


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