Interior Alignment® Master Teacher TOOLS!

Step one: Be an ACTIVE MTIA Shining Star!

Thank you for being a Licensed Master Teacher, bring new IA practitioners into the world! While you always have this certification level in order to market training programs, purchase materials and certify new IA practitioners, you need to be an active Shining Star member, and also a Active Teacher level of membership. The funds from this help to support our legal costs of trademarking and bunk ordering of supplies, as well as other administrative costs. While we would love for you to maintain your presence as a Shining Star member and Active Teacher, It also means that you only need to purchase this membership level when you plan to market and hold certification programs. IN 2018, as we implemented changes across The Linn Academy in memberhsip costs, the good news is for IA teachers, the monthly membership fee DECREASED ( and when does that ever happen!)

First prior to being an Active TEACHER, you need to hold a Shining Star Membership ( purchased at $120 a year, or as a Linn Academy Spotlight member for $225)

1 year MTIA SHINING STAR  Membership is $100 – It’s timing may run independent of your Shining Star membership, and is active from 1 year from the calendar date paid.

For teachers planning an ADVANCED course, you can add on 1 year TAIA SHINING STAR  Membership for an additional $100 – It’s timing may run independent of your Shining Star membership. You also need to have purchased an MTIA membership ( or you can purchase this at the same time) and is active from 1 year from the calendar date paid. However, if your MTIA membership is running on a different calendar cycle, you will need to renew your MTIA membership in order to receive the benefits of your TAIA membership if the MTIA has expired.

For Master Educators planning a Teacher Training course, you need the MEIA level for $100 a year, in addtion to the TAIA and MTIA. If you are planning these courses, it’s most efficient to puchase all levels at the same time. However, if you are not planning on upper level course, just purchase the membership level for the courses to be taught in that calendar year.

What does your MTIA and above memberships include?

ENJOY All the benefits enjoyed by Shining Star Practitioners


Master Teacher listing on the official website for the calendar year of your subscription.

Your Authorized Certification programs posted on the website, in the public newsletter, Facebook event on our public social media page and any other marketing venues during that time such as conferences.

Ability to purchase the latest manuals and student kits items for your students, especially created to create a  (gold embossed red binder, with preprinted quality pages including the new color section, with tabs already inserted in the book your convenience, IA logo pen, IA tote bag, and graduation certificate)

Ability to register your graduates as official IA community members, and have your graduates benefit from being a part of a global community of support.

Membership level

Step two: Prepare for your Class

You are the continuation of the Interior Alignment tradition.

How you represent Interior Alignment to your students, is their view of Interior Alignment, and it’s principals. Not just in terms of the feng shui and space clearing information but also the ethical and professional way we work with clients ( and students).

In this day and age, it’s important to communication well with students (and clients) in terms of expectations of services to be provided.  Here are some resources for making your classes and your career as an Interior Alignment Teacher a success!

Sample Registration Form

Liability Wavier Form

Refund Policy

Send your Course Plan information to :

Please attach these documents:

  • Outline of  your plan to teach all the elements in the curriculum and the inclusion of the required elements of a supported consultation or clearing within the course. ( this can be a simple outline plan for each day) Have a plan that matchs the course format you have chosen ( all onsite or combination online/onsite) This plan should include topics and objective of each online lesson, and then a daily plan for each day onsite.
  • A copy of your cancellation & refund policy
  • A copy of your liability waiver.

These only need to need resubmitted when you change course format or one of your policies.

Step three: Order Your Student Kits!

For you convenience, you may now order for your class supplies via Paypal. Please allow 6 weeks from order time to receive your class materials. If you need to order more quickly. an additional shipping charge will be applied to your order.

You may also order your supplies via mail and send a check payment. Order will not be processed until payment is received.

IA Student kits:

All kits contain the full CPIA manual, the red binder, tabsets for the book, and IA logo tote bag, IA pen and other promotional and informational materials. For CPFS and CPSC courses, the MTIA removes the sections of the course not being taught at this time. These sections can then be held by the teacher, and used to supplement the students when when they return for the second part of the certification.

Number of Kits

These kits contain the 2014 CPIA manual, the AIA manual, the MWFS manual, the booklet The Way of the Drum, a tote bag, a 14 inch Native made Elk skin drum, pen and other promotional materials. This kit must be ordered for all students who do not yet have the new 214 CPIA manual. Drums may not be able to be shipped to some foreign countries.

Number of Kits
AIA book and Way of the Drum book

These sets contain ONLY the AIA manual, the MWFS manual, the booklet The Way of the Drum. This can be used when the student already has a drum, or approved drums are being purchased locally by the teacher. If the students does not have a 2014 CPIA manual, then a CPIA student kits should be ordered as well for this course.

Number of booksets
Additional Certificate paper (not including red folders or seals)

Worried about making a mistake writing on the certificate? Order some additional certificates on hand for any course. This does not include the red folder jacket or seals and ribbons.

Number of certificates
View your cart and Checkout Now!  


OR, print your order form and mail, with a check to:


Interior Alignment, LLC

825 Lovers Leap Rd

Leechburg PA 15656


Step four: Support your students in becoming LICENSED members

As all new IA practitioners need to sign the license agreement before they can use the copyrighted information of our program, it can be best to have them sign the license agreement prior to the course, in case they have any issues surrounding the license agreement. ( there should be non, but it avoids a difficult situation later)

You can supply them with the password information to access the IA only portion of the website to view and sign the online version of the license agreement. We will hold onto this online submission and when they complete all activities of the course in order to graduate, and you send us the names and email addresses of your graduates, we will then send them a welcome email, invite them to join our yahoo group and email community, add their names to the website, and encourage them to participate as Shinng Stars levels members to get their new career in IA flourishing! We will also send them a link to a survey to complete about their experience with you, and if they give permission we will share that information with you as well.

Qualities of a Master Teacher

Master Teachers must embrace a passion for IA, this is who they are not just what they do.

Master Teachers must value IA knowledge and lineage (respect existing teachers and those who have gone before)

Master Teachers must uphold our code of ethics

When active in IA Yahoo E-group, messages or Facebook, they should represent the spirit of IA (compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding, etc.)

Master Teachers must possess a spirit of inclusion, not exclusion. And should speak from a place of acceptance, not judgment or competition (such as comparing self to others as though one is better than the other – when they define their abilities it should not be at the expense of another.)