Shining Star Soul Coaching® Practitioners

Soul Coaching® is a trademarked system of coaching. Only those licensed practitioners are listed on this site, either as Shining Stars here or on the full list below.

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Dorena Kohrs

Cary, North Carolina, USA
Cell Phone: 919-264-5987 Website:


Dorena is a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment, Clutter Clearing, Soul Coaching® and the Founder of the Love Story program designed to help women fall in love with every area of their lives using their home as a catalyst.

She has been described as a modern-day Nancy Drew. Only, instead of using teenage wit and intellect, Dorena uses her refined intuition and knack for asking the right questions to solve the mysteries keeping her clients from experiencing momentum in their lives. She works closely with individuals to sleuth out the root causes of feeling stuck, so they can finally be free to live out their life’s desires.

Many people don’t realize their homes are a direct mirror to the different areas of their lives. Dorena shows them how health, relationships, careers, and more are all connected within their living spaces. She teaches her clients the importance of being conscious and connected within their environment, so they can practice attracting the positive energy and live life in pure love. An open and clear home clears out life clutter and opens the possibilities for alignment. The result? Clients finally step into the flow and manifest their true desires without added effort.

While her clients are searching for a way to fall back in love with every area of their lives, Dorena uncovers the secret to unlocking the energetic mysteries in their homes and workplaces. Best known as the Space Doula®, Dorena thrives on individual breakthroughs by simple shifts inside their living spaces. Her biggest joy is watching clients light up at the end of their own mystery, so they can make their home their own happily ever after.

Her strategies on shifting a home or workspace to fall back in love with life have been featured in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and the Yoga Journal as well as on podcasts including Unity Radio and Hay House Radio.

As a professional romantic, Dorena believes everyone’s happily ever after begins at home. It all starts with a little shifting to make the magic of momentum happen.


Many years ago, I constructed goals and a vision board consisting of dreams I suspected were beyond my reach. Two years ago, I began working with Dorena Kohrs whose knowledge, encouragement, and gentle demeanor moved those dreams into a magical position of reality.

  • Traci Bray


It is amazing to me how Dorena can see the connection between the energy of specific items in your home with areas of your life that are challenging. Helping people create sacred space is her mastery, and her work is highly intuitive, insightful, loving, and empowering. Whether you think you need Dorena’s assistance in this area or not, let me be perfectly clear, you do! Give yourself the gift of working with Dorena, but only if you’re ready for your life to improve in miraculous ways!

–          John Harold Moore


My experience in the Love Story program has been nothing short of magical. I have no words to describe the integrity and care with which Dorena patiently provides guidance and empowers you to get in touch with not only the rooms in your home, but also your soul. Love Story has helped me peel away layers of my soul to help me better understand the patterns that keep showing up in my life and home and the shifts I needed not only in my home but in myself.”

–          Pooja Chilukuri


Love Story has helped me start clearing things from my life that I have struggled to clear for over a decade. It has helped make space for amazing new opportunities in my life that I absolutely was not expecting. The practical part of the work felt so good, and the energy movement felt like a miracle taking place right before my eyes!
–          Katie Hathaway



I was at a place where I was feeling stuck and not finishing what I got started. I felt I needed a change somewhere but didn’t know where to start. I felt weighed down by my ideas. Working with Dorena came at the right time! I didn’t realize that by focusing methodically on shifting my home it would bring clarity to my business. Now I feel that I have room to create and focus on my business both mentally and physically!

–          Natasha Votypka


Working with Dorena has completely changed my life. Her compassion and caring nature made me feel so loved and supported. In a beautiful and loving space, she allowed me to own my truth and taught me to look at things in a new way. There have been shifts in energy in my home…and my life…that were beyond anything I ever could have imagined. Now, all of my spaces are sacred spaces!

-Cari Butler, Emergency Preparedness Expert + Owner of Emergency Cafe

Working with Dorena as my Space Doula was a delightful eye-opening experience. Her gentle and caring approach let me relax and feel comfortable to share my feelings during our coaching sessions. WOW, when I realized what I couldn’t stand energetically in my house anymore, it made me eager to make changes. It was a transformational experience, and I believe everyone would benefit from her work. It took the word CLEARING to a whole new level.

-Laura Reichert, Life Coach + Found of the Inner Circle

Dorena is part psychologist, part a dear friend and part spiritual and physical space clearer/cleanser! Working with her is a dream, nothing is hard with her there to help, coach, pray and encourage! This is a process and a journey, and Dorena is there to help beyond the time she is with you. Enjoy your travels with her, I hope it will be as life changing for you as it was for me.

-Jackie Larson, Best Selling Author of “The New Rules of the Job Search Game”

Soul Coaching®  Practitioners  have been trained a very special form of coaching that allow you to hear your own Souls wisdom and truth. We use various processes, such as Soul Journeys, Oracle Card Reading, Energy clearing and much more to facilitate change and growth. Advanced Practitioners have been trained in additional methods including Clutter COaching..

Shining Star Practitioners are those graduates who are actively offering client sessions at this time.

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Become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner

We consider this a sacred path, one walked by those who wish to assist themselves and others live a more joy filled existence through hearing their Soul’s own Truth.

Denise Linn first began teaching this system in 2003, and now this certification is taught by the Master Trainers who carry on that lineage. Each certification course contains the same curriculum and textbook, with the same required amount of contact hours. We have various certifications and levels within our system. allowing you to grown and add to your knowledge over time, and perhaps eventually becoming a Trainer yourself.

Each trainer creates an experience that is unique through their venue and methods of teaching. For details in the curriculum read more about that on our certification page. Once you graduate as an official Soul Coaching® Practitioner, you are eligible to become a part of our professional community, with our free online Facebook Group, discounts on conferences and other events, and various marketing, networking and educational opportunities. This is an enormous benefit!

This certification course is HIGHLY EXPERIENTIAL, where you go through the Soul Coaching program, as well as our many experiences  as a part of your training.

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