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Diantha Harris

Vero Beach, Florida, USA
Cell Phone: 231-633-5433 Website:


Diantha Harris has studied energy from many different standpoints including Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, Color, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Aura Soma, and Floral Acupuncture among others. She has been trained in reading the Akashic Records, in Ocean Oracle (reading of sea shells), and intuitive readings.

The author of two prominent books on color, Diantha has also created over 40 energetic sprays made from essential oil, gem elixirs, and/or flower essences that are major tools in her toolbox.

She custom designs these sprays also for her clients when needed. Diantha is a sought after teacher and presenter and writes for several publications as well as her own beloved newsletter that has gone out monthly for nearly 20 years. Her major gift is one of love. Her gentle ways belie her power and rest assured, you will come away feeling empowered by love and your own sense of how unique and special you are.

Specialties and Services

Diantha specializes in reading a person’s environment, tuning into their guides, and creating a supportive situation in which one can define and achieve their goals. She uses several tools including color, Interior Alignment and Feng Shui skills, intuitive readings, space clearing, and use of energy sprays (proprietary formulas she has developed), among others. Often a client needs only a reading to get them on the right path. Sometimes they need energetic shifts, advice, colors and so on to change or redirect the energy and gain support. Each client is unique and because Diantha has lots of tools in her toolbox, she has much to offer. Long distance work a specialty.


Interior Alignment®  Practitioners  have been trained in the ancient arts of feng shui, space clearing and creating sacred space. Within our system, there are various levels of certification. Some people may have both feng shui and space clearing, and some may have specialized in just one modality. We have Advanced Practitioners, and also Master Teachers and Master Educators.

Shining Star Practitioners are those graduates who are actively offering client sessions at this time.

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Become a Practitioner

We consider this a sacred path, one walked by those who wish to assist themselves and others live a more joy filled existence through using the power and energy of nature in our homes.

Denise Linn first began teaching this system in 1997, and now this certification is taught by the Master Teachers who carry on that lineage. Each certification course contains the same curriculum and textbook, with the same required amount of contact hours. We have various certifications and levels within our system. allowing you to grown and add to your knowledge over time, and perhaps eventually becoming a teacher yourself.

Each teacher creates an experience that is unique through their venue and methods of teaching. For details about the different certification levels available, read more about that on our certification levels page. Once you graduate as an official Interior Alignment® Practitioner, you are eligible to become a part of our professional community, with our free online e-group, practitioner newsletter, free conference calls, discounts on conferences and other events, and various marketing, networking and educational opportunities. This is an enormous benefit!

Whether you choose to become a professional feng shui consultant, or use this powerful knowledge in your daily work and life path, you will be a part of our community of Healers of Homes.

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