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Bill Schwingel

Saint Charles, IL, USA


My Interior Alignment story began as a young child when at 5 I started living nine months of my life in the Midwest and the remaining three on the East Coast. While each place held loving support from my family, the environments themselves varied significantly.

In the Midwest, I lived in multiple Chicago suburbs where conveniences like grocery stores and malls were abundant. On the East Coast, I looked out upon beautiful rolling hills and mountains in the distance, and would need to drive 20 minutes to find a town with a department store.

While not fully conscious of it at the time, each home offered a different energy. In the Midwest, the small apartments contrasted significantly from the single family home with a small grove of 7-foot tall bushes along the side of the house. These in turn marked a significant departure from the large first floor space with the large picture windows looking out on a beautiful campus with buildings over a hundred years old on the East Coast.

It had such an impact on me that I found myself rearranging my room every few months because I was looking for a different feel to my space. It was as if I wasn’t comfortable unless my personal space changed regularly. So at an early age, I was given the opportunity to experience the energy of space in many environments. One thing remained constant – I always felt like I lived in a home – not a house, not an apartment, not a dorm.

My connection to nature became another significant part of my story. I liked to pretend to be other creatures – a common childhood drama. I found though that my love for animals stemmed from my love for nature and it was among the trees, grasses, rocks, ponds and fresh open air that I felt connected to something bigger than me. Some might call it God, but I wasn’t raised to trust the god espoused in churches, so I searched for something else.

It led me to what some call the occult – tarot cards, palmistry, astrology and attending psychic fairs regularly. I delved into several aspects, but wondered who was I to tell someone else their fortune when it was really best for them to tap into their own guidance? So I kept looking.

Until I found a special book: Sacred Space by Denise Linn. From the moment I started reading, I felt a connection to everything she wrote. It was as if I had finally found someone who could put into words the beliefs that I had held within me, and intuitively known all my life. It was my first exposure to Feng Shui, and it set me on a course to devour books on the topic and take classes whenever I could find one. My goal; however, was to train with Denise someday. She had started a Feng Shui school, the International Institute of Interior Alignment®, and I had written to her to ask if I could take her course. She lived out of the country at the time, and wasn’t offering any classes in the U.S.

Years passed, and I was planning to take another certification course when she let me know she had moved back to the states and was offering the course. I jumped at the opportunity to become certified in Instinctive Feng Shui™ and Seven Star Blessing™ Space Clearing and continued to take her courses to become a master teacher.

My intention is always to empower people to make positive, powerful changes in their lives by better understanding the impact they have on their spaces and, just as importantly, the impact their spaces have on them. It’s what I love to do, and it makes a real difference in people’s lives.



“Recently I fell into dark period where I was unproductive; I felt my energy was stuck and I couldn’t move forward with even simple tasks I set for myself. Bill helped guide me to rearrange my office, allowing for more energy and productivity to flow. A simple change in desk layout opened up new avenues for me; I feel comfortable in my office for the first time and within one day I felt my energy renewed as I was able to check tasks off the list again. Thanks Bill!”

Monique C.

“After Bill did his consultation, in which I was concerned for my safety because of activities happening at the home next door, one of these neighbors coming over to my house. I was on the phone at the time but my door was open and I distinctly remember not wanting to speak to them. Strangely, despite their attempt to enter my home, they couldn’t seem to cross the doorway inside. I feel it’s a direct result of the work Bill did for me.”

Sandy B.

“I have had the honor to train Bill Schwingel in Feng Shui and Space Clearing. His immense compassion, integrity, dedication to excellence, and his ability to perceive the subtlest energy flows make him a remarkable practitioner. He has my highest recommendation.”

Denise Linn

Our Interior Alignment® Master Teachers come from around the world … Each Teacher is an independent contractor who has been certified to offer the Interior Alignment® Practitioner Training program according to our high standards and rich curriculum experience. Program may have different tuition amounts based on the format of the training, and if it includes amenities like lodging and meals or special field trips.

Each of these beautiful beings is unique in their background and talents. No matter which Master Teacher you choose, upon graduation you become a member of the Interior Alignment® Practitioner Community, and all of it benefits.

Feel free to connect with several, so that you can find the Teacher that resonates more with you! Some trainers will also offer Private training, in addition to the certification programs listed on this website. We know you will find just the right Teacher for you!

Become an Interior Alignment® Practitioner

We consider this a sacred path, one walked by those who wish to assist themselves and others live a more joy filled existence through using the ancient arts of feng shui and space clearing. Denise Linn first began teaching this system in the 1990’s, and now this certification is taught by the Master Teachers who carry on that lineage. Each certification course contains the same curriculum and textbook, with the same required amount of contact hours. We have various certifications and levels within our system. allowing you to grown and add to your knowledge over time, and perhaps eventually becoming a Teacher yourself.

Each Master Teacher creates an experience that is unique through their venue and methods of teaching. For details in the curriculum read more about that on our certification page. Once you graduate as an official Interior Alignment® Practitioner, you are eligible to become a part of our professional community, with our free online Facebook Group, discounts on conferences and other events, and various marketing, networking and educational opportunities. This is an enormous benefit!

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