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Spotlight Practitioners completed MULTIPLE certifications within our various programs. These people can work with you in many ways, and often can offer a combination of our services to suit just what you need. Their dedication and commitment to their quest for knowledge and wanting to help others is show by the time energy and effort in seeking various certifications. Spotlight Practitioners many also be those who are dedicated full time to their work in their field and who offer their clients these professional level services.

Photo of Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

San Diego, California, USA
Cell Phone: 619-850-7090 Website:


I specialize in professional Space Clearing, Home Healing and Feng Shui consulting services for residential and commercial applications. I offer a no nonsense approach to Feng Shui in the assessment, modification and maintenance of an environment to restore balance and vitality in harmony with its assigned and purposed use.

I offer a variety of comprehensive Feng Shui services for homes and businesses with no hidden fees. Professional consultation services are available for large or multi-site properties by the hour or by monthly retainer for project consultation services for architectural planning of commercial and residential space, including home rebuild / remodel construction projects that require longer term services.

I am a regional professional in Space Clearing and Land Healing using a variety of Energy Arts, including Reiki, Shamanic Ceremony and Aura Clearing. I am certified in Compass School of Feng Shui, Elemental Space Clearing and a graduate of Energy Mastery Academy. I have over 30 years experience in executive support, project development and management of commercial and residential properties in California and New York.


  • Certification in Elemental Space Clearing
  • Certification in Compass Feng Shui from San Diego Feng Shui
  • Certification in Reiki, levels I, II and III from Energy Mastery Academy



I highly recommend Scott for space clearing and feng shui. Scott is an amazing practitioner, very intuitive and skilled at what he does. He brings a very special sacred energy to his work, combined with his intuition and training, to bring forth amazing shifts in the lives of those who are ready. As a result of my sessions, I had greater insight, clarity and forward movement in my life. Working with Scott is quite a treat, and I cannot speak highly enough of his amazing services.
Ashley, San Diego

I had Scott come to our home to cleanse and make it feel more energized. He moved several pieces of furniture and “saged” every room in the house. Afterwards, my husband, 14 year-old daughter, and I, felt a major shift in the way we interacted with one another. I am a Marriage and Family Psychotherapist and immediately felt the positive energy that came from Scott’s cleansing of each room in the house. I appreciated Scott’s abilities in the art of Feng Shui as it released allot of positive energy for me personally and professionally. I highly recommend Scott’s services in space clearing as it’s invigorates life.
Sarah Cook Ruggera, M.A. MFT

Scott came to my home/property for a clearing. He was clear, enthusiastic and purposeful in his focus on the cleansing. Afterwards, the space felt safe and pure. It’s on Airbnb and I have had great participation and reviews. Many thanks!
A.P. Tubac AZ

I had Scott feng shui my home last year. He was very professional and courteous. His attention to detail was amazing. The plant in the right hand corner of my living room, less clutter on my mantel and the water feature next to my bed for my work life were just a few of the changes that has made my home my sanctuary. I did almost all of his suggestions, and was very happy with the results. I highly recommend his services. I have just made an appointment for space clearing.
Karen P. La Mesa CA

Scott, our dear friend and former neighbor, has cleared 3 homes in our family, and each time it’s been such a joyful experience. Scott has a true gift, and works on a different level, consciously, than most people. He can feel energy that other people wouldn’t notice, and with his space clearing techniques he moves any “bad” energy out of the house so that you and your family can live peacefully in your space. Thank you, Scott – see you at our next home!
Jordan, Lauren & Charlie, Carlsbad CA

I represent an investor who refurbishes houses and needs to get them back on the market and sold fast. Twice I had a very hard time getting buyers interested in my product and each time Scott came to the rescue. Each time Scott did a clearing on the property I had an accepted offer with two days. After Scott worked his magic the houses had more showings and the positive energy shift was amazing. After these two experiences I refer to Scott as the house whisperer. If you want to get your house sold or create positive energy in your surroundings, I highly recommend Scott Anderson.
Chuck Street – Bonita CA

Anderson Environment Services is amazing! A colleague referred Scott to me after having a space clearing of her office and spoke very highly of Scott and his services. Not having experience with space clearing or Feng Shui, I was not sure what to expect. I was floored as I watched Scott “clear” my new home. I witnessed the power of space clearing first hand and could not be happier with my decision to try something new in order to obtain a positive and balanced flow of energy through my home. I highly recommend Scott with Anderson Environment Services for all of your space clearing and feng shui needs.
Garret M- Rancho Santa Fe

When I purchased my new home, I asked Scott to clear the living space, as the former owner left me with a feeling of negative energy. On the day of the appointment, Scott arrived promptly then, took a few minutes to acquaint himself with my home. I was fascinated with the methods he used, and followed him from room to room, enjoying the vibrations and sounds Scott created. When he had completed the space clearing exercise, he let me know there was no residual negativity left. Since then, I’ve been more comfortable at home, knowing I’m surrounded by good energy. I highly recommend Scott and Anderson Environment Services.
Margaret M, San Diego

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