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Spotlight Practitioners completed MULTIPLE certifications within our various programs. These people can work with you in many ways, and often can offer a combination of our services to suit just what you need. Their dedication and commitment to their quest for knowledge and wanting to help others is show by the time energy and effort in seeking various certifications. Spotlight Practitioners many also be those who are dedicated full time to their work in their field and who offer their clients these professional level services.

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Meadow Linn

Sacramento, CA USA
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Meadow Linn is a Soul Coaching® Trainer and Advanced Practitioner. She has been an integral part of the Soul Coaching® program and philosophy since its inception. She supported her mom, Denise Linn, with the creation of the Soul Coaching® program and then worked with her as support at the Soul Coaching® certification training workshops from 2003-2016.

Meadow is also the co-author of Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest and The Mystic Cookbook, which was listed by PBS Food as one of the “Top 5 Cookbooks for the Holidays.” The Mystic Cookbook inspired Meadow’s keynote address live to 3,000 people, and streamed worldwide. She has a masters degree in French Cultural Studies from Columbia University, a BA from Williams College, and has a background as a teacher in a variety of settings and age groups.

Meadow currently teaches a wide array of in-person and online workshops, including Soul Coaching®, plus many more. Meadow also provides one-on-one Soul Coaching®, writing coaching, and health coaching with clients worldwide via phone and Zoom. She lives in Sacramento, California with her toddler son, sweet baby girl border collie, and Maine coon cat.

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Often when choosing an energy worker to assist you in the fields of feng shui, space clearing, coaching, and ceremony or spiritual development, it’s difficult to know who the ‘real deal’ and who has just read it in a book.

The people on these linked pages are all licensed and certified practitioners and independent contractors of their services. They are serious about offering you the best practices and services.