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Spotlight Practitioners completed MULTIPLE certifications within our various programs. These people can work with you in many ways, and often can offer a combination of our services to suit just what you need. Their dedication and commitment to their quest for knowledge and wanting to help others is show by the time energy and effort in seeking various certifications. Spotlight Practitioners many also be those who are dedicated full time to their work in their field and who offer their clients these professional level services.

Photo of Judy Gallauresi

Judy Gallauresi

New Hampshire USA Cell Phone: 603-355-3838 Website:


Hey everyone! I’m Judy Gallauresi and I love all things holistic and self-improvement, helping others grow and develop.


I’ve spent my life studying various modalities; mindset meditation, crystals, flower essences, herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy and am certified in many different fields; Soul Coaching®️, Clutter Coach, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, Transformational Breath ®️Advanced Reiki 2 , Crystal Resonance TherapyTM. 


What does this mean for you? It means that I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to helping my clients connect more deeply with themselves so they can live more authentic joyful lives!


I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals and reach their highest potential!


As the owner of Crystal Concepts, a twenty five plus year solopreneur business, I provide coaching and holistic services to people all over the world. I also offer online courses and workshops to help people learn about crystals, flower essences, aromatherapy, and other modalities that can help them improve their lives.


A bit about me personally, I’m a wife to my amazing husband and hooMom to two rambunctious golden retrievers and two amazing paint horses that have turned me into their personal equestrian maid service! I love spending time with my family and friends, exploring, working out, cooking, reading and playing with our beloved furry fourleggeds.


If you’re looking for support in making positive changes in your life or business, I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to reach out anytime. 🙂




Judy’s energy is infectious and energizing! I immediately felt like I had known her forever, who knows maybe we had met in previous lives.  She made me feel so very comfortable, for me that’s key to feeling open and ready for transformation. If you are looking to make positive life changes, don’t hesitate working with her.  Contact her for coaching and watch the magical transformation start to happen. After our coaching session I felt an enormous shift on how I viewed my day to day life. Little things like seeing a problem client I was dealing with as a learning opportunity to grow my interpersonal skills.  

Maria S. 


I have known Judy for decades, we met at a holistic show in Boston and stayed in touch over all these years.  I find that working with her is always beneficial to me, whether it be a Reiki or CRT healing session or guidance on picking out crystals, essential oils or flower essences; I always leave feeling refreshed and motivated.  Her unique blend of knowledge, authenticity, quick wit and integrity I feel important in a holistic practitioner. Her energy is palpable. She’s highly intuitive which aided me in allowing the shifts I most needed. Any time I need an energy shift I give her a call and as she always does when I settle into one of her comfy chairs, she’ll intuitively grab an oracle deck, shuffle the cards as we talk and ask what information do I need in this moment. Over all these years I’m still amazed at the information I get from a single card! She guides me on a journey of looking at the card and seeing the information that is there.  I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an energy boost!

Rosemarie G.


If you want to laugh a lot, be entertained, and LEARN some wild powerful lessons sign up for any of Judy’s workshops now! I had the pleasure of meeting her ages ago at a New Age expo and signed up for Crystal Concepts newsletters, without telling you my age this was before there was social media and email lists, newsletters came snail mail. I attended flower essence workshops, essential oil workshops that she and her fabulous hubby Billy were the promoters of and presenters at.  Judy is an amazing woman who oozes good vibes and high energy.  Just being in the same room or now on a Zoom with her is enough to shift your mindset. Can’t recommend her enough!

Cheryl Z.

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Often when choosing an energy worker to assist you in the fields of feng shui, space clearing, coaching, and ceremony or spiritual development, it’s difficult to know who the ‘real deal’ and who has just read it in a book.

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