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Spotlight Practitioners completed MULTIPLE certifications within our various programs. These people can work with you in many ways, and often can offer a combination of our services to suit just what you need. Their dedication and commitment to their quest for knowledge and wanting to help others is show by the time energy and effort in seeking various certifications. Spotlight Practitioners many also be those who are dedicated full time to their work in their field and who offer their clients these professional level services.

Photo of Colleen Bruce

Colleen Bruce

Alberta, Canada
Cell Phone: 780-713-7946 Website:


Colleen began her journey in her early teens and continued to grow her knowledge, experience and modalities throughout her children’s growing years. Once she became an empty nester and after being evacuated during The Beast – the Fort McMurray Wildfire that saw an entire city threatened and many loose everything she decided to share her love of crystals and energy healing assistance to all that are open to taking their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and well being to their greatest potential.

Colleen facilitates a unique experience in that she lets Spirit guide and support the healing that is required by each individual. Each session is exclusive to each individual.

Colleen provides a loving, caring, professional experience to all by ensuring that they are fully aware, an open and an active participant in their own personal growth and healing.

Colleen is an accredited Advanced Crystal Healer, Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner, Certified Red Lotus Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader and is certified in other modalities. Colleen works with Spirit and You to ensure that each session is for your highest good.  For distance sessions the client receives audio and/or photo follow up.

Following her passion for Crystals and Crystal Healing, Colleen has recently launched her Basic Crystal Healing course. If you want to start using Crystals today on your healing journey you will not want to miss this!

Colleen looks forward to guiding YOU on your journey to discover and be your best YOU.

Specialties and Services

  • Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner / Interior Alignment
  • Red Lotus Mystery School


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Often when choosing an energy worker to assist you in the fields of feng shui, space clearing, coaching, and ceremony or spiritual development, it’s difficult to know who the ‘real deal’ and who has just read it in a book.

The people on these linked pages are all licensed and certified practitioners and independent contractors of their services. They are serious about offering you the best practices and services.