Adelaide, South Australia
Contact: +61 (0) 417 810 837

  • Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner
  • Soul Coaching Practitioner
  • Red Lotus Mystery School Practitioner

Kerry Dalzotto

Spotlight Practitioner

I am the owner of Sacred Wellness here in my beautiful home town of Adelaide, South Australia where I provide a safe space for healing the body, mind and soul. I understand the importance of nourishing ourselves from the inside out and acknowledge that each individual has their own unique stories of wisdom, strength, courage and triumph in an often fast paced world full of challenges and wondrous beauty.

My own life lessons, including a heart breaking miscarriage prior to the birth of my daughter helped shape and accelerate the woman I am today on my spiritual path. These lessons have provided me with empathy, compassion and understanding toward others on their own personal quest through life’s adventures. Together with these life lessons and gathering wisdom from my travels across the globe it enables me to assist others with their search within the depths of their soul to bring about self empowerment. Helping others to find who they are and bring clarity of vision as to whom they wish to become.

Along with being a Red Lotus Practitioner™, I am also a Soul Coaching® Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator, Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner and have over 14 years in the health industry as a Natural Therapist. I love to help others find their true essence by using my wide range of skills and tools gained over the years to help with inner discovery and self transformation.

I have a love of travel and having been to many sacred sites all over the world, I know that these deep connections to Mother Earth are all a part of my remembering who I am and bringing this ancient wisdom into modern day to help those who come my way.

I love facilitating women’s circles, helping them to nurture, inspire and tap into their divine feminine, calling upon Goddess energy, to create rituals and ceremony and acknowledge the cycles and circles of life as a radiant woman.

The divine feminine is rising and it would be my absolute honour to assist you along your joyous path enabling your light to shine brighter than ever before.

Feel welcome to connect with me at and join me in creating ripples of love for all of humanity.