Start date: January 14, 2024
End date: January 28, 2024
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: ONLINE
Soul Coaching | workshop
LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik

Welcome the year of the Wood Dragon!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey and manifest your best life? Join LuAnn Cibik, an Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioner, in a guided exploration of your soul’s desires through the empowering 28-Day Soul Coaching Program!

What to Expect:

  • Daily Soul Connection: Immerse yourself in a daily ritual of connecting with your soul’s true desires, as well as with LuAnn and the other members of your group through group email (no worries- your email address stay private)
  • Powerful Affirmations and Guided Soul Journeys: Harness the transformative power of positive affirmations to shift your mindset, with recorded meditations from Denise Linn, only available to Soul Coaching(R) clients!
  • Daily Activities: Engage in purposeful activities to break free from old belief patterns and embrace positive change. In as little as 15 minutes a day, awaken the you that you want to be in 2024!
  • Journaling for Transformation: Witness the magic unfold as you journal your way to a more inspired and purposeful life. Gratitude and Joy are a key to unlocking the future you desire!

Clutter Clear Your Home and Life: Take a step-by-step journey to declutter your surroundings, creating space for newfound clarity and positive energy. Prepare to leap into the Year of the Dragon with a refreshed mindset and ready for action!

Invite Love, Personal Power, Connection, Abundance, and Your Desires: Discover the keys to hearing your own Soul’s truth. This program is tailored to Make the most of the last weeks of the Year of the Rabbit, and welcome in the energy of the Wood Dragon.

Why Soul Coaching? Soul Coaching is a powerful, accessible process for anyone seeking meaning and sacredness in everyday life. It empowers you to face fears, release old patterns, and joyfully step into a future filled with purpose.

Flexible and Accessible:

  • Receive daily emails with meditation links.
  • Lifetime Support Soul Tribe FB Group: Connect with like-minded souls for ongoing support and inspiration.
  • Sunday Zoom Calls: Join group coaching sessions and weekly check-ins.

Start January 14th!  Every Sunday we will have a LIVE ZOOM class gathering from 11-12 ET. (If you can’t make it, the intro information for the week will be recorded for you to watch later) Share your adventures with your classmates. There is power in community. Connect with LuAnn here to ask questions and dive deeper into your discoveries.

Ready to Begin? Transform your life and become part of a supportive community. Embrace the magic within you and start your Soul Coaching journey today!

Enroll Now!

Only $295 for this 8 week adventure with:

  • Daily emails of affirmations and an oracle card of the day
  • Online access to powerful meditations, your weekly Soul Coaching Program and journal book
  • A private email group for just this class
  • A private Facebook group with your classmates to further share this adventure
  • BONUS: LuAnn will share feng shui information for the year 2024 to help empower your home to support your goals for this year
  • BONUS: Set up a 15 minute oracle card reading with LuAnn around your key goal for 2024