Start date: November 24, 2024
End date: December 1, 2024
All-day event
Location: Nałęczów pod Lublinem, Poland
SCP Soul Coaching Practitioner Certification | Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching® Certification Training, conducted by Celestyna D. Osiak, Advanced Soul Coaching® Trainer, is an on-site retreat that is enhanced by a 28-day Soul Coaching® program, and includes a subsequent bonus 10-month Mentoring Immersion Program which is not a part of Soul Coaching® certification process.

The Soul Coaching® comprehensive training bolsters your skills in facilitating Soul Coaching® sessions and in the effective management of SC online programs. The curriculum also provides strategies to develop a prosperous practice and instruction on how to offer Soul Coaching® services through coaching packages, online courses, and on-site workshops.

Upon completion, you will have gained the SC expertise and the confidence necessary to create transformative experiences for your clients and to successfully expand your practice with grace and ease. The program is run in the Polish language.

The training commences with an 8-day on-site retreat, where you’ll delve into the fundamentals of the Soul Coaching® method. This encompasses learning how to conduct Soul Coaching® sessions and utilize Soul Coaching® tools, including the Spirit Stick, Soul Coaching® Collage, Soul Coaching® Timeline, and engaging in transformative work with the Sacred Altar. Additionally, you’ll uncover the secrets to establishing a thriving Soul Coaching® practice.

The retreat also serves as a profound transformational journey into your own being, allowing you to connect with your soul and declutter your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical inner landscape. You will be certified during the onsite – training. The certification will be completed after you finish 28 day Soul Coaching® Program as the on-site training is succeeded by a 28-day Soul Coaching® online program designed to guide you on a personal journey towards discovering your authentic self.

Upon completing this program and becoming a certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner, you will be equipped to facilitate this transformative experience for your clients as well.

Following the onsite Soul Coaching® certification training and 28 day SC Program, you will embark on a bonus 10-month Mentoring Immersion Program, a journey that unveils the secrets to becoming a thriving Soul Coach. Within this immersive experience, not only will you elevate your Soul Coaching® abilities, but you will also master the tricks of the trade of an effective Soul Coach. You will gain confidence in running Soul Coaching® sessions for your clients, and you will also have a powerful opportunity to practice conducting Soul Coaching® webinars for your peers. This will enable you to learn how to be an effective soul coach in a safe environment. Additionally, you’ll learn the ins and outs of establishing and growing a prosperous practice and dive deep into the art of conducting impactful 28-day Soul Coaching® online programs and workshops. This comprehensive training empowers you to inspire change and foster significant growth both in yourself and in those you guide.

The entire program, Soul Coaching® certification training and a bonus mentoring program led by Celestyna D. Osiak, cultivates an environment in which, within a group of 8 to 12 people, you can hone your Soul Coaching® skills, boost your confidence as a Soul Coach, and master the delivery of your Soul Coaching® services. This prepares you to build a thriving Soul Coaching® practice, assist your clients in achieving profound transformations, and experience significant spiritual and financial fulfillment.

In 2024, Celestyna D. Osiak will conduct two Soul Coaching® certification on-site trainings starting on the following dates:

Group 1: August 17, 2024, to August 24, 2024

Group 2: November 23, 2024, to November 30, 2024

Celestyna D. Osiak has embarked on her Soul Coaching® path for more than 14 years, spending 8 of those years as a dedicated Soul Coaching® trainer, certifying practitioners in the transformative art of Soul Coaching®. Her path of enriching lives through coaching wisdom and business mentorship is amplified by her 16 years of empowering business women and steering businesses toward success. With a robust 23 years of entrepreneurial experience providing a solid foundation, Celestyna offers a wealth of practical knowledge and spiritual insight. Her broad expertise in Soul Coaching®, ICF coaching, business, and entrepreneurship creates a distinctive environment where clients are encouraged to grow both spiritually and professionally. At the core of her mission, Celestyna is dedicated to helping people connect with the wisdom of their soul. Her guidance inspires them to lead lives that are not just fuller and happier but also contribute to spreading peace and happiness around the world. She emphasizes the importance of empowering her clients to move at their own pace, trust their personal journey, and make a positive impact, starting from the deep wisdom within their soul.

Phone for Registration 0048509389100
Company / Business Name COACHING STUDIO 4
Type of Course Soul Coaching Certification (SCP)
Is the class In Person or Online In Person – Onsite
Class Location Address Nałęczów pod Lublinem, Poland
Website with registration or course details
Soul Coaching Certification Onsite Start Date 2024-11-24
Onsite end date 2024-12-01
28 Day program start date 2024-12-04
28 day program will occur After the course
Graduation Date 2024-12-01
Course Format- Timing 8 Day (with half day start and end)
Course Format Retreat Style (lodging included in the tuition price)