Start date: March 24, 2023
End date: March 31, 2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Prescott AZ USA
SCP Soul Coaching Practitioner Certification | Soul Coaching

Are you curious about sailing away… on a voyage into the mystery of life itself?

Eager to prioritize a desire to help others elevate their perception of reality?

Create a unique way to make a living? I invite you in!

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“Maria is a true master of her craft. Teacher, Mentor, leader friend.
 She is so wise and skillful I will be forever grateful to Maria for all that she has brought into my life … Maria gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced in my life. She taught me how to work with my shadows and my archetypes and create something amazing and wonderful. It so profoundly changed the lens of how I view the world and gave me the gift of being more able to deeply connect with My Soul and accept all those parts of myself that needed to be healed and loved and acknowledged.
 Words cannot express my gratitude towards Maria and How Deeply she has impacted my life through love, kindness, compassion, and deep wisdom. 
Maria certainly is a wisdom keeper and I look forward to learning more from her and experiencing all the gifts that she has to share as a true Master teacher.” Johanna Walsh ~ Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner

For more information please contact Maria: Email Address: Phone for Registration 928-499-7558