Start date: March 18, 2024
End date: March 23, 2024
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: ONLINE
SCP Soul Coaching Online Certification | Soul Coaching

YOU ARE WILLING TO ENTER THE PHENOMENAL COMMUNITY OF CERTIFIED SOUL COACHING(R) PRACTITIONERS? The program has been totally adapted to the online format and the certification will provide a high quality of practice for people who want : – To deliver Soul Coaching(R) programs, workshops and services – Incorporate a powerful energy soulful work in their practice – Create magic and virtuous circles all around and within their life …AND… SO MUCH MORE!

I am Thrilled to announce that the certification program to become an extraordinary Soul Coaching(R) Practitioner is one more time available online!!! Yes deep energy work is possible online, and it works so well! Yes your practice is going to be strong and change positively the life of many and many and many! Yes you are so very needed! Soul coaching(R) practitioners have this ability to go to the core of what can bring positive change in the life of their clients. You probably already felt the call if you are reading this. Learn here to be a real reliable professional practitioner and deliver a practice that creates virtuous circles around your and within you. My honour will be to accompany you the best way I can during your journey, bringing my knowledge, experience and practice to serve your success and fulfilment in your way to be. –

CLASS#1 : Going to the core: The essence of Soul Coaching(R) Creating a magical mystical environment to support a strong energy work as a coach Working with the 4 elements The power of sacredness in your coaching practice –

CLASS#2: Working one on one with clients How to create a connection to the Soul in every session –

CLASS#3: Working with emotions from the past, present and future Healing and Releasing processes –

CLASS#4: Going deeper in the connection to the soul in your practice Materialising it: allowing sacredness to flow in the tangible world for your client –

CLASS#5: Facing fears and how to maintain the sacred space in key moments Opening possibilities for miracles to happen Using the power of sounds in the energy work –

CLASS#6: working with oracle cards as a professional Coach –

CLASS#7: More oracle cards working with 28 days Soul Coaching(R) programs –

CLASS#8: Working with groups as a Soul Coaching(R) practitioner Review of the Soul Coaching(R) workshops for individuals and groups Building your professional practice for a great success for the months and years ahead Unleash your abundance: towards a healthy and joyous relationship with money Celebration

There will be mid-class meetings every 2 weeks lasting 1h30min each, in order to keep the vibration high and go further in our fascinating voyage together. What a JOY and BLISS know we will spend more than a half year together! We take 9 months to grow a baby in the belly, let’s make the best for your Soul Coaching(R) baby 😉

Please contact me for further information With Love Moëra