Start date: June 22, 2024
End date: February 22, 2025
All-day event
Location: ONLINE
SCP Soul Coaching Online Certification | Soul Coaching

Have you always dreamed of making a positive difference in the world?

Waking up happy, energised, and inspired by a proven step by step soulFULL coaching methodology to successfully support yourself, and then others, to live a more connected, abundantly empowered and purpose driven life. Then my friend its time for you to become a certified SOUL COACHING® Practitioner.

Join Master Teacher Kyla Tustin in her ONLINE 9month Soul Coaching® certification program. Classes are kept small with 12 people or less, to provide the opportunity to dive deeply and intuitively into your personal, spiritual and professional transformation together. Soul Coaching® goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary life coaching which focuses on the attainment of head “outward success” based goals. It is is a guided inward journey to the deepest wellspring of your being in order to release mental, emotional, spiritual and physical debris and noise to reach the sacred space and voice within. It allows you, and your clients, to tap into your wisest spiritual self, recentering life around our Soul’s Mission, values and purpose.

Within this life changing certification training you will discover powerful methods to support you to make a positive impact and contribution in the world. You will be provided with practical, SOULutions, methods and four complete 28 Day or week Coaching programs to support yourself, and others, to make meaningful transformation and change.

Over the last fourteen years as a Soul Coach, Facilitator and Trainer Kyla has worked with thousands of workshop-participants, schools, universities, Governments and corporates clients such as Apple Inc, Canon; Disney, Volkswagen, Blackmores. Plus hundreds of I-on-I clients, coaches and healers around the globe, supporting people, through Soul Coaching®, to be kinder and more loving to themselves. Igniting the manifestation of dream businesses, teams, lives and relationships; by confidently becoming the greatest version of themselves. Her mission as your Soul Coaching® trainer is to help you discover how to rise in love with yourself and others, by uncovering your unique creative spark and purpose. Together you will transform all of this into actionable and successful long-lasting results as a successful Soul Coach and creator of global positive impact. In your own voice and divinely magical way, your uni-verse. The one song, mission and purpose, you were born to bring to the world.

“Kyla has a contagious positive energy. She is vivacious, warm, encouraging and compassionate. I seeked out her Soul Coaching® just before I made a huge transition in my life and she helped me regain my power, faith and control of my life. Using all the many tools from talk therapy, crystals, and guided meditation regression, she helped me let go of pain and suffering I had held onto for years.” ROSIE, FOUNDER NUDE YOGA + RELATIONSHIP COACH

CLICK the above LINK to read more information and book your APPLICATION call to determine if Soul Coaching® with Kyla is the right fit for you and the next step of your career and life.

DATES: 4th Weekend of each month. Mid-sessions are 60min 1×1 Coaching sessions 2 weeks after every class