Start date: July 17, 2021
End date: July 23, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Washington DC area
SCP Soul Coaching Practitioner Certification | Soul Coaching
Felicia D'Haiti

Felicia D’Haiti

To change the world, we must first look within. To become professionally certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner is to walk a path of opening doorways, clearing pathways and listening to the truth of one’s soul in a safe and sacred space.

Join Soul Coaching® Trainer Felicia D’Haiti on this remarkable journey to change the world as we embrace transformation in our own lives. Felicia brings knowledge and practice from all her studies to her trainings, including Reiki, Yoga, Feng Shui and Space Clearing, clutter clearing, dreamwork, oracle cards, intuitive coaching, mediumship, personal spiritual development and more to all of her courses so that her students can use what works for them in moving forward on their own sacred path!

During this training, not only will you be given the knowledge and tools to serve the world in this sacred way; but you will benefit from Felicia’s personal spiritual development studies and experiences – you will gain exactly what you need not to just know the path but to walk the path with confidence and joy.

This life-changing course will take place in a beautiful wooded area not far from the water and surprisingly close to Washington, DC. There is limited space within each course to ensure that each student is given a personalized experience while also maintaining social distancing requirements.

During this intensive certification course, you will embark on a life assessment, examine turning points in your life, overcome recurring fears, release victim-thinking and choose your future with intention. We will create vision seed maps, spirit sticks and more! Most importantly, there will be a focus on being in the world, not just doing – in learning to apply Soul Coaching® principles in all aspects of our lives!

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