Date: January 29, 2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: ONLINE
Soul Coaching | workshop

28 days of Soul Connection

Join me on a Soul Journey to your best life!
This 28 day program is supported by Zoom Calls every Sunday for a total of 6 group sessions.
If you are in a place of wanting more out of your life, I can help you connect to your Soul Wisdom to feel clarity and direction. If you are tired of your everyday routines and are trying to find a deeper purpose in life, know the time is NOW. On my website you will find information about my Soul Coaching® program, sign up there or here with Eventbrite. If you have any questions, send me a personal message and I would be honored to be your Soul Guide in a free discovery call to see if this is the right path for you. To help you find more love, happiness and alignment within your hearts deepest desires join me for Soul Coaching® this February!

The emphasis of this 28 Day online course is to:
~ Discover who you are, why you’re here, what your mission is and take action
~ Declutter and heal your life, home, mind, body and soul
~ Experience living life at a peaceful and moderate pace while achieving more
~ Learn to love yourself
~ Rejuvenate your energy
~ Break old habits and confront your fears
~ Remove the stress, struggle and distractions in your life
~ Experience the positive effects of meditation and affirmations

Your Online Program Includes:
* Introduction to the program: Learn about the Four Elements of Nature, how they relate to your life and where your Soul Coaching® journey is going to take you.
* Personal Guidance and Support: FB Group Calls weekly with personal guidance from Alicia and beautiful community support
* Week 1 – Air Week: Detox Your Mind – free your Mental Self by releasing clutter and allowing inspiration, new beginnings, and transformation into your life
* Week 2 – Water Week: Elevate Your Mood – cleanse and detoxify your Emotional Self by going within to heal, nurture and let go
* Week 3 – Fire Week: Illuminate Your Spirit – purify your Spiritual Self by embracing risk taking, courage and strength into your life
* Week 4 – Earth Week: Embrace Your Body – the rebirth of your Physical Self through growth, grounding and connectedness
* Final Week – Radiate Your Soul with Your own personal Quest – Integrating what you’ve been through over the 28 days, the Vision Quest is an opportunity to reflect and allow the gratitude of your journey to awaken as you spend some time reviewing your amazing journey and deciding where to venture to next ….

6 Group Zoom Sessions:
Intro Call: January 29th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time
Week 1 Session: February 5th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time
Week 2 Session: February 12th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time
Week 3 Session: February 19th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time
Week 4 Session: February 26th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time
Completion Call: March 5th 4pm- 5pm Pacific Time