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Sarah Berkett is the founder of Beamers Light, a soul inspired temple of truth, magical awakenings & holistic teachings. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Animal Soul Intuitive, Angelic Life Coach, Reiki Master, Speaker, Author & Visionary committed to bring light & healing into this present realm. Sarah has been a natural animal lover since childhood & is extremely successful with the transition of using Her expertise as a Reiki Master & Animal Intuitive to heal & soothe pets of all ages and conditions.

For the past 33 years She has traveled extensively and has been trained by some of the top experts in Her field and is versed in many types of healing modalities. She has served clients all over the world as both a Soul Level Animal Intuitive & Angelic Therapy Coach.

Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Readers have been trained on a very special process to work with clients and oracle cards to allow the clients to understand the messages coming through. The Master Oracle Card Reader designation are people who have taken the extra step  to complete an intensive training program that requires 88 documented readings, as well as special training in the use and care of cards, and how to use them to work with others

Shining Star Practitioners are those graduates who are actively offering client sessions at this time.

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Founder: Denise Linn is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development and working with Oracles. You can find out more about this fabulous course on her website