What is Soul Coaching® ?

Soul Coaching® is a very special coaching process that acknowledges that YOUR SOUL, YOUR HIGHER SELF, know the answers. Your Soul Coaching® Practitioner has been trained to use a very special coaching technique, and a variety of processes and program to assist your in clear away your mental debris, so that you can hear your soul’s calling.

Soul Coaching® Practitioners are trained in a coaching process to hold sacred space for you while finding your truth. They have expertise in leading various programs that utilize the power of the Four Elements and the cycles of nature to unlock your passion for life again.

Our process, methods and program is a trademarked system. Denise Linn ( author of ‘Soul Coaching’, ‘Unlock the Secret Message of the Body’ and other Soul Coaching® related programs) created many processes and service that as single appointments or a series of session can ignite your intuition and connection to your life mission.