Shining Star Soul Coaching® Practitioners

Soul Coaching® is a trademarked system of coaching. Only those licensed practitioners are listed on this site, either as Shining Stars here or on the full list below.

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Kelly Chamchuk

BC, Canada
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Kelly’s passion is empowering her clients to create ‘Sacred Space’ in their lives and homes. Her deeply intuitive work is heartfelt, friendly, non-judgmental, and quite often delivered with grace and a splash of humour.

At an early age, with the sudden loss of her Mother, Kelly unexpectedly discovered just how much ones environment affects health, happiness, state of mind and energy. She believes that your environment is often a metaphor for what may be occurring in your life. One of Kelly’s favourite mottos has become: “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.”

Through her life, Kelly held many positions working in home improvement retail, volunteer and fundraising management and in the corporate sector / travel industry; with with her favourite role serving as a trainer, as it allowed for deep connections to be cultivated.

After her Father had passed in 2003 and her entire world felt like it had collapsed, leaving the corporate world was an easy decision. She managed her Dad’s estate and began to see through the clutter built up over one’s lifetime. Through her intense journey with grief, she found herself asking so many questions about life. Why am I here? What is my passion? What am I meant to do in this lifetime? She began to understand she had to take a long, hard, and honest look at her life and values.

It was during this period, Spirt began to speak to her and gently ‘hold space’ for her healing to occur. Through a series of dreams, nightmares, past and parallel life visions, she began to seek the assistance of mediums to seek understanding. And thus began her spiritual journey to further explore the ego, shadow self, relationships, karma, and the meaning of life.

Kelly eventually enrolled in a return to work program thinking a different kind of job may suit her and in that process which focussed on vision boards, connecting with passion and purpose, she remembered her love of energy work and Feng Shui. She looked up Denise Linn to see what she was up to and found Soul Coaching®. It was everything Kelly was looking for, not only for her own personal healing to continue but for her innate passion and purpose to assist others in their emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It was through this process, she began to once again see the beauty in the world. And that beauty, mostly found in nature, lead her to an immense sense of joy.

Working with Kelly, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your life, embrace your flawsomeness and live more authentically
  • Clear clutter from your life and home, learning to simply let go and create space for the new
  • Learn how to recognize, own and shift your energy to create harmonious living


With an international client base, Kelly pours her heart, soul, and positive energy into her sessions, workshops, retreats and consultations. Certification training programs are offered in various locations at various times throughout the year. Please check her events section on Facebook or her website for current opportunities and what past clients have to share about their experiences.

  • Soul Coaching® Master Trainer and Master Practitioner
  • Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®
  • Advanced & Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™
  • Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®
  • Certified Practitioner of Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™
  • Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™
  • Certified Practitioner of Elemental Space Clearing®
  • Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioner
  • Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle and Angel Card Reader
  • Advanced Psych-K® Practitioner
  • Classical Feng Shui with Master Yap Cheng Hai
  • NVC – Non Violent Communications Training


Kelly has written a favoured chapter; ‘The Power of Spirit Sticks’ in the award winning book: Soul Whispers II – Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching, published by Soul Wings Press available on Amazon.

Kelly currently lives on Vancouver Island, BC Canada in a little seaside town called Chemanuis. She connects with nature each day through her love of photography, gardening and cooking. Kelly invites you to see what clients have to share, sign up for her monthly newsletter and book a complimentary appointment with Kelly to inquire about her various programs and services.

Soul Coaching®  Practitioners  have been trained a very special form of coaching that allow you to hear your own Souls wisdom and truth. We use various processes, such as Soul Journeys, Oracle Card Reading, Energy clearing and much more to facilitate change and growth. Advanced Practitioners have been trained in additional methods including Clutter COaching..

Shining Star Practitioners are those graduates who are actively offering client sessions at this time.

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Become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner

We consider this a sacred path, one walked by those who wish to assist themselves and others live a more joy filled existence through hearing their Soul’s own Truth.

Denise Linn first began teaching this system in 2003, and now this certification is taught by the Master Trainers who carry on that lineage. Each certification course contains the same curriculum and textbook, with the same required amount of contact hours. We have various certifications and levels within our system. allowing you to grown and add to your knowledge over time, and perhaps eventually becoming a Trainer yourself.

Each trainer creates an experience that is unique through their venue and methods of teaching. For details in the curriculum read more about that on our certification page. Once you graduate as an official Soul Coaching® Practitioner, you are eligible to become a part of our professional community, with our free online Facebook Group, discounts on conferences and other events, and various marketing, networking and educational opportunities. This is an enormous benefit!

This certification course is HIGHLY EXPERIENTIAL, where you go through the Soul Coaching program, as well as our many experiences  as a part of your training.

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