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Nancy Sharbach

Pleasanton, California, USA


It was a revelation to me to discover that my home and my life where so connected that by adjusting one, it makes a dramatic difference in the other! Through the practice of Interior Alignment, I am able to share this with clients and guide them to get a clearer picture of their own space and help them in shifting their energies.

I believe that supporting the intentions of the people who live in the space is just as important as making the space beautiful!

At design2HARMONY, we focus on making your space beautiful and shifting the energies of your home to promote joy and harmony in your surroundings. We help align how you live, work and play with the supporting spirit of your space to truly transform your life!

Let us know how we can support your intentions!”

About Nancy

Nancy has over 30 years of experience in the interior design field. Nancy is attentive and detailed. Her inherent talent is in assessing her client’s unique needs through actively listening and implementing thoughtful solutions for each project. Her philosophy is that fostering relationships helps her to understand the dynamics of each project in order to best meet her client’s needs. Nancy is a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment. She is committed to continuing education in pursuit of both personal and professional growth. Nancy is the founder and past officer of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Interior Design Society and has been published in East Bay Home & Design Magazine.