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Heather Scrimgeour

Calgary Alberta, Canada
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From a very young age I have always loved being outside. I feel blessed to have grown up surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the foothills surrounding Calgary Alberta. I’m very drawn to the land in which I live. I feel that’s the Metis blood in my veins calling me home. My ancestry is very important to me which is probably why I graduated with a degree in history. My career background however is in education, working with children with learning disabilities and various challenges as an educational assistant. My heart lies in loving and nurturing our youth. my passion for reconnecting people to mother Earth and getting them back outside, specifically with children. I’ve created a course for young women called wylde-crafting, I have them forage for their own art supplies in their backyards. I have children create art which guides us to connecting with our soul and loving ourselves whole.

As a mom of four daughters I’m finding this extremely needed right now. I’m also in the process of creating school programs through an artistry in residency format. Becoming a mother pulled me back into a world of Wonder and enchantment that I so treasured as a child. I relish in the ebbs and flows of the seasons and rituals I get to enjoy with my children along the way such as; creating fairy gardens in springtime, carving pumpkins in the fall, and making apple cider in late summer from our home grown apples.

I am currently working towards my certification in Reiki. I have training in herbal medicine and Eco Art as well I was given the gift of an invitation to join a soul coaching®️ class during a very dark period In my life and I’m proud to say I took that opportunity because the gifts this program has brought me are immeasurable. I feel very blessed to be able to be a facilitator of this beautiful program in a way that blends my playful creativity and love of nature with profound learning and enchanted healing.