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Blanka Vun Kannon

Montclair, New Jersey, USA & Prague, Czech Republic
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Your home has enormous potential to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Your home can help you release obstacles stored in your subconscious and thus help you manifest you goals and dreams.

I specialize in creating empowered living spaces which fully support those who dwell in them. As an Interior Alignment® practitioner and Advanced Soul Coach®, I offer a holistic approach to homes and lives of their residents.

My Feng Shui services range from a short consultation on a specific matter over the phone to a full professional report with written recommendations and follow up services, including space clearing and blessing ceremony to multiply the desired results.

Do not worry that Feng Shui is only for large homes or requires expensive solutions. Even the smallest home or a home with a limited budget can become a true oasis of happiness, harmony and inspiration!

I also teach workshops on the basics of Instinctive Feng Shui™ in New Jersey and the Czech Republic. My clients are empowered by being involved in the Feng Shui process so that the greatest possible results can be achieved in how their homes are harmonized.

In my home country – the Czech Republic – I have founded Škola Harmonie (The School of Harmony) – an educational platform inspiring harmony of the soul, body and home. I am an author of the eBook (in Czech) “Feng Shui As a Key to Happiness, Love and Harmony”.

I would love to help you unlock the potential of your home!