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Augusta Rieber Munir

Istanbul, Turkey


‘Healing into authenticity’ is what brought me to study Denise Linn’s teachings, starting from 2007 onwards.

After a ‘failed’ vertebral fusion surgery in 2009 I began to work with both SC® 28-day online programs and Denise’s meditations. The effects were so healing that, despite a metal pin on a nerve in my spine, I could work again after three months. In 2013 I certified as a SC® practitioner and SC® Oracle Card Reader.

I am absolutely passionate about the life-changing results of the Linn Academy’s Elemental Space Clearing® and Decluttering® programs which I have experienced first-hand and assisted many as a practitioner.

Supporting you to clarify and detox your life and become an energy shift master is my greatest joy and honour.
When we lay open our own truth we stand strong to manifest our desire and purpose.

All coaching tools include soul journeys (guided meditations) to strengthen focus from within.

Sessions can be held in English, German, French and Turkish. With blessings …


My blessings are with you.