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Anni Kemp

Orlando, Florida, USA
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Discovering Interior Alignment was like finding my life compass and since becoming a certified practitioner in September 2006 I have better understood why homes are such a critical part of our lives. Through the alchemy of Interior Alignment I have been able to connect my clients to their truth and desires.

Having lived in over 20 different homes in 10 countries and 4 states I have a deep understanding of the importance of having a home rather than a house and creating a place that our heart and soul recognizes as their own.

Also as an artist and creativity coach color, shapes, elements, words and intention inspire my work. After over 20 years in the financial services industry I took a break and returned to my heart work as an artist. By creating custom artwork for my clients’ homes and offices we were able to stimulate and support their intentions, beliefs and lives to attract their best life.

It is the worldwide inclusion of ancient knowledge, culture, ceremony, symbolism and tradition of Interior Alignment that created the perfect practice for me to assist my clients and now inspires me to teach and certify Practitioners.

I believe that when we intentionally create an environment that is aligned with what it is we are seeking in our lives, we access a deeper and more powerful flow of manifestation. In this way, as Interior Alignment Practitioners we help transform homes and work spaces into havens designed to help create what it is the client want in their life, true modern day alchemy.

The ability to provide opportunity and support for individuals to fulfill a desire or calling in their life to become a Practitioner is both exciting and an honor.


Feng Shui
Space Clearing
Creativity and Life Coaching
Custom Energy Alignment Paintings
Clutter Clearing
Altar Creation using Medicine Wheels & other Sacred Geometry


Workshops and Certification Courses
Creativity Workshops
Home & Business Feng Shui Consultations
Home & Business Space Clearing Consultations
Classes in Feng Shui & Space Clearing
Certifications in Instinctive Feng Shui™
Certifications in Seven Star Blessings™ Space Clearings
Certifications in Interior Alignment®
Speaking Engagements: Corporate & Community
Commissioned, Custom Energy Paintings


“Your space feels so calm, I’m not sure how you do it, but I don’t want to leave. I love it”
Jack R

“Ann Kemp has a gift for helping others to shift issues in their lives. She certainly helped me with a major shift in my life. A few years ago, I found myself the executor of my parents estate. One of the items involved was their home; the house was on the market for six months, and in a fast-moving market, but there was no movement on their home.

When I shared this frustration with her, she was more than gracious to offer her assistance. Specifically, she asked for a drawing of their house. She did some remote energy work based on the drawing of the home.

The result was, in less than a week after her steps, the house started receiving showings. And, the following week, the house was sold. I am grateful to Ann for her wonderful work, which shifted the energy in the house, and made it available for a new owner.”
Karen I

“I wanted to tell you I your “report” on the condo after your consult and was so excited and impressed…We so appreciate the links you included in the write-up. We’ve used both of them which made for a fun 4 hour field trip to IKEA. We will definitely be taking steps & making changes as a result of your visit…This is all very exciting & I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your talents…”
Jenny D

“I have my Kemp! I keep taking pictures and the camera is not capable of capturing the energy that this painting holds. In the photo it looks “small” but believe me, it FILLS that space. I love it Anni!”
Renee R