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Alicia Lauryl Love

PNW Portland, Oregon USA
Cell Phone: (503) 421-6501 Website: Website


As a mother in the modern world I know the challenges of feeling meaning and purpose in daily life. I feel it is my soul’s purpose to guide others in finding their path and to cultivate harmony and balance within and without by sharing what I have learned. There are many challenges we face today, many transitions to navigate, and I’ve been though my fair share! If you are experiencing a lot of change and would like guidance to feel centered and whole then Soul Coaching is a great choice!

I have a Bachelors degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University and am Reiki level 1 trained in India. But Soul Coaching is what turned my life around. I was able to clear away the mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that were the limiting beliefs holding me back from my true calling. I will take you on a Coaching Journey to listen to the truth of your Soul, so you can feel empowered, understood and uplifted. We will call on the Spirit within and connect to your radiant light that wants to shine!

As a Certified Soul Coach®, Alicia Love is a guide to light the way, illuminating the path back to wholeness with techniques to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. I offer 1:1 coaching world wide, local and online programs and workshops and has guided meditations online.

~With Soul and Spirit aligned we can live in LOVE from the Wholeness of the Heart.~