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The purpose of the Linn Academy is to help those graduates actively seeking clients to shine their light out into the world. 

A Shining Star membership level has been available in each of our programs as a way to have more presence on our certification programs website and partake in other marketing opportunities.This membership might have had different name in the past, but as we create more cohesion between all of the certification programs, we love the term 'SHINING STAR' to represent you!

Are you a graduate of more than one program? Would you like to be able to more effectively market yourself in all modalities, and get a great membership rate to do so?

SPOTLIGHT MEMBERSHIP is a step above Shining Stars; it recognizes that these people are certified in more than one of our programs, and offer a variety of services. Spotlight members are listed as SHINING STAR members (with marketing and other benefits) in every program that they are certified in. They are also listed and featured on this website and on our Facebook Fan page for The Linn Academy. We also will have these members be priority speakers for our various teleconferences and other events. And, you can do this for only $225 a year.

(For those who are IA or SC teachers/trainers, there is still the additional $100 active teacher/trainer membership fee per year for the when you wish to hold certification programs)

How to become a SPOTLIGHT member:

  • Complete the form on the right
  • You will be contacted with confirmation
  • Paypal invoice will be sent for $225 (or use the link below)
  • Prepare your bio for each of the sites to be list on
  • Send your bio, contact info and photo to

Linn Academy Spotlight member request

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Shining Star Membership BONUS 2018

I’m delighted to offer this Arrange for Success program to The Linn Academy members. The more you shine your light, and connect with clients, and make changes in people and spaces… the world itself becomes a better place!

LuAnn Cibik

The Linn Academy Administor, Inner Harmony

Special Business Mentor & Success Course for

Shining Stars and Linn Academy Spotlight members!

A BONUS in 2018 for our Shining Star members is access to a 8 week Arrange for Success course created by Master Educator LuAnn Cibik. It’s a feng shui, laws of attraction course for entrepreneurs who are looking to add more sparkle to their services, offerings and abundance. This program is one LuAnn has offered for several years to corporate clients and entrepreneurs of all types at the prices of $895, but is FREE for our Shining Star membership through the end of 2018.

This special program will be available in September to all Shining Star/Spotlight members, where there will be weekly live calls, and a Facebook group for sharing your progress and questions. Call will be recorded and available for you to listen to through the end of the year. There is weekly reading assignments, and homework questions to apply to your business and your life. It will help you bring clarity to what you want to accomplish and how your are going to do it.

This could be the opportunity to need to take a look at your business, your offerings, your pricing, your image, your feng shui of your space, and much much more.

Make sure you activate your Shining Star membership

(and sign up and purchase in the Practitioners only section of your website

or your SPOTLIGHT membership ( if you are a graduate of more that one program)

in order to take advantage of this fantastic offering!


Professional Insurance and DISCOUNT for Linn Academy members 

We are pleased to have secured a discounted professional insurance for our practitioners, that covers over 500 modalities so most likely will cover all the cool things you do. This insurance is for our USA practitioners.It covers everything from coaching to feng shui, space clearing and oracle card reader (and much more). The rates are also based on the amount of work you do ( student, part time or full time)

Our group code is: ABS-EN-186

This code must be entered on the application under SPONSOR CODE in order to get the discounted price.

You can also share this discount opportunity with friends in energy work fields.

The website to sign up is