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Congratulations on your graduation in one of our honorable certification programs! While in each of these programs you have specific benefits, in resources and marketing opportunities, we are proud to offer benefits to all of our Academy Graduates!

The information below can help you in stepping into your professional role, as an amazing light working on our needful planet!


Professional Insurance and DISCOUNT for Linn Academy members 

We are pleased to have secured a discounted professional insurance for our practitioners, that covers over 500 modalities so most likely will cover all the cool things you do. This insurance is for our USA practitioners.It covers everything from coaching to feng shui, space clearing and oracle card reader (and much more). The rates are also based on the amount of work you do ( student, part time or full time)

Our group code is: SCA20 

This code must be entered on the application under SPONSOR CODE in order to get the discounted price.

You can also share this discount opportunity with friends in energy work fields.

The website to sign up is

Becoming a Spotlight Linn Academy Member

If you are serious about your work as a graduate, you have already looked into being a featured member on your certification website. This is the BEST place for your to market your work to those interested. People often check the site to verify that someone is certified and also look their for the practitioner or coach that resonates with them. It also refers back to your website and other social media pages assisting with their ranking. Featured members are also highlighted on our social media and our newsletters.

If you are a graduate of more than one of our programs, you can now be a featured practitioner on each of the websites for a great new yearly low price! For only $225 a year you can be a featured member on all the programs you have been certified in! You no longer have to budget your marketing dollars and decide with of the sites to be featured in.

(If you are a teacher or trainer there is still an additional $100 fee for any year you intend to hold a course).

If you are already a Shining Star or Featured Practitioner on any of the sites, by activating your Linn Academy Spotlight membership here, you will extend all your listing from now for a full year.


How to become a SPOTLIGHT member:

  • Complete the form on the right
  • You will be contacted with confirmation
  • Paypal invoice will be sent for $225 (or less if prorated)
  • Prepare your bio for each of the sites to be list on
  • Send your bio, contact info and photo to

Linn Academy Spotlight member request

Certifications held

Practitioner Conferences

in 2017 we held the first Practitioner Conference in Orlando Florida with a specific day devotes to deepening your work and your practice. This was a part of the ‘Home for the Soul’  conference that spotlighted the work of Interior Alignment, Elemental Space Clearing and Soul Coaching Practitioners. Future conferences will likely include all Linn Academy speakers and topics. Spotlight and Featured members have deeply discounted admission for these events, and are given preference as out conference speakers. Out next in person conference is targeted for 2019.

Teleconferences and Video Conferences

We have been holding regular teleconferences to for benefits of our graduates as well. You may also have access to specific teleconferences within your specialty (that will be announced within your email groups or Facebook groups), that deepen or expand about the topics in your specific certification.

The Video conferences listed here are for all Linn Academy grads, to enhance you work as Light workers in the world!

Feb 13th 2018: “What’s new and important to know in marketing on the Internet and social media?”

What a great presentation from both Laura Clark  and Kelly Chamchuk!

Oct 2, 2017

Terry Bowen to share about the Secret Messages from the Home, and Felicia D’Haiti to give some tips on creating and teaching Engaging workshop! Both of these gifted beings are sharing their expertise in these areas, and I’m excited to learn from them too!

Aug 23, 2017

Join Patti Allen, Vaness Velequez and Anni Kemp to learn secrets of ways to powerful work with your clients and create the offerings for your clients that resonate with you align with your life.

Next upcoming teleconference to be announced!